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  1. Hey all, Here's a feature request. I organize my projects with notebook stacks. One project, many notebooks, one stack. It would be great if stacks had their own view, and if I could link to these stacks in the shortcuts. Then, when accessed, Evernote would show a three-pane layout: the list of notebooks within that stack, the notes within the selected notebook, and the note itself. It would help with focus (don't have to see notebooks outside the selected stack). Anyone else think this would be useful? Cheers, Brent
  2. Anything new on this idea? If this could be passed along to the devs, I would really appreciate it. Could be useful! Best, Brent
  3. Seems like a great idea. Would definitely like to see this.
  4. Hey Evernote, I'd love to see integration with Launch Center Pro. (Search for note, create note, etc.) About the app: http://appcubby.com/launch-center/ How to integrate: http://appcubby.com/launch-center/urls/ cheers
  5. A toolbar button for this function would be helpful.
  6. Hey, The "related notes" feature displayed after every note is very helpful, but as far as I know, it's only for the Mac client. I would love to see this feature on PC as well. Just my 2 cents. cheers, Brent
  7. In iOS, the ability to search for a notebook is great. I would like to see the same function in the Windows client. If the devs are opposed to adding a second search box, then why not create a sort of omnibox search? e.g. - I hit F6 to search all notes - I type the name of the notebook I want to see - Notes that match the keywords I entered will appear, but notebooks with titles that match those keywords appear first. Double-click one of those results to open that notebook. That would be a good way of combining my idea into the existing UI. Either way, I think the ability to search through all notebooks to find a specific one would be useful. I have too many notebooks, and sometimes I'd rather just type in the NB I want, rather than manually scrolling down to find it. cheers!
  8. I would very much like to see this as well!
  9. I would really like to see this too! Here's a temp solution for now: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/09/21/quick-tip-friday-save-time-pin-notes-notebooks-tags-and-searches-to-your-favorites-bar/ But I agree- The ability to pin or add color-based priorities to notes would be great. Would definitely like to see this feature implemented in a future version.
  10. This would be a great feature! Would definitely like to see this implemented in a future release.
  11. Yes, a second instance of the main evernote window would do the trick. But perhaps most logically, the new window would only contain the list of notes from the notebook you opened, and their contents (i.e. the main notebook list is hidden). Thanks for the reply.
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