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Evernote to Skitch to Evernote


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I am looking for a way to open in Skitch an image that comes from Evernote, edit it, then have it update itself in Evernote.

This is what I can do when I option-click the image in Evernote and choose to open and edit it in Preview. All I have to do is then save the image and it gets updated in Evernote.

At this point, the only thing I found once the image is edited in Skitch is to use the "drag me" thing at the bottom of the Skitch screen. The end result is then that I have two images, one "old" unedited, and a new one "skitched", so I have to delete the old one, and this increases the manipulations and the server update time. Oh, and in case it helps, I am a premium user. Thanks in advance!

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Agreed! I did a lot of annotations in Skitch from pics I had in Evernote. I swear I remember a time where I'd make changes in Skitch, and in closing the image, I remember a dialogue box asking if I wanted to replace the image in Evernote. I'm not getting that anymore. Did I dream this functionality?? It would be so much easier to be able to replace the image. I've obviously made changes to it, it should just save it back.

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I'm facing a similar issue too. I'm able to right click and open with Skitch. After that I can annotate the image, but I can't hit save and have it updated in Evernote. I have to drag the edited image back to Evernote, and manually delete the original image, very irritating.

It'd be great if there was some way to solve this.

+1 in hopes of a solution to this.

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Is there any update on this? Right now you have to download the image file, browse computer to open with Skitch, copy-paste into Evernote (and delete the old file if you just want the new annotated/edited image).


The fewest steps I can get is: 1.) copy image from Evernote; 2.) open Skitch; 3.) paste into Skitch; 4.) edit/annotate image; 5.) copy image from Skitch; and 6.) paste image back into Evernote. Then if you want to do more than just that one image, you have to close Skitch, go to Evernote, right-click your next image, and select "Open With..." then "Skitch" from the context menu to be able to edit that second image, etc. Not horrible once you get the hang of it, but it could be more streamlined.


Evernote has made it is an intuitive feature for other items such as word documents to be able to double-click (which opens the file), edit, then save +/ close which saves the file right back to the note, so adding this same capacity for Skitch would provide a more consistent and user-friendly experience.

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