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  1. Nice! Thanks @JMichael. I'm a longtime KM user. Love it.
  2. Yes, I did report it to support. They didn't acknowledge there's a bigger problem, but they gave me a procedure to follow to recreate any affected notes. But that doesn't do me any good, since I have no way to find out which notes aren't properly indexed, and on which platform. Not to mention that I have over 10,000 notes. And in 2 minutes I was able to randomly identify a few hundred affected notes. To me, proper indexing of the notes isn't just something to be desired -- it's the whole point of Evernote. When I search for my tax documents, I'm not looking for a random sampling of them (I keep using that example because that's how I first found out about the shortcomings of Evernote's search results a few years ago). I've been reporting these kinds of issues to Evernote for literally years. If they can't reliably index notes consistently across multiple platforms, then their core value proposition can't be relied on. The reasons I'm posting here in addition to my support ticket are (1) to alert others that their search results may not be reliable, and (2) to put public pressure on Evernote to address an ongoing issue that undermines their product's core value proposition. Believe me, I love Evernote (based on the discussions I'm seeing in this forum, I must be one of the few people who thinks the latest redesign is *awesome*) and I *want* Evernote to work. I rely heavily on it. Which is what makes this issue so vexing.
  3. I've experienced wrong search results for the entire time I've used evernote (a number of years). In the past, the desktop results were often less complete than web search results for the same term. Evernote was never able to provide a solution for my case, and there were others in these forums who had the same experience. Deleting and recreating my local Evernote db didn't fix it. I just tried a search on my desktop client, which returned 841 notes. The same search on the web client returns 1028 notes. On another search, the desktop had 14 notes and the web client had 13. (Note that for one search, the web client was more complete, while for the other search the desktop client was more complete.) What good is it to keep all your important documents in Evernote if you can't rely on the search function? At tax time, when I search "tag:tax tag:2013", I'm not looking for a sampling of my tax documents. I need to be certain I'm finding *all* of them.
  4. In the Mac edition, clearing the search field causes the field to lose focus. So in order to perform a search, I need to click inside the field. If a user clears the search field, there's a high probability they'd want to perform another search. I don't see any upside to taking away focus from the search field after clearing it. Even if a user doesn't want to perform another search, it wouldn't interfere in any other actions if the field had focus. In every search field UI I've ever seen, the field retains focus after clearing.
  5. Wow, that totally worked! I changed it to run in 32 bit, and it behaves like a normal app now! Thank you so much!!!
  6. Following up on my original post, I get the spinning beach ball a LOT when using Evernote Mac. It used to be quite speedy.
  7. I'm finding Evernote on the Mac excruciatingly slow. When I enter a search term, it hangs for a few seconds while it's thinking. Often, it prevents me from completing what I was typing because it's processing what I've typed so far. The whole UI just feels really sluggish. I tried deleting the whole Evernote folder and downloading a fresh db, but that didn't help. I have 7659 notes. Hopefully that isn't the reason, because I rely on Evernote too much for it to become increasingly slow as I use it more. And by the way, I haven't been on these forums in a while. Sorry to be double-negative in this post, but I really don't like the new forum UX. Searching the Evernote Mac forum is impossible, or at least it requires navigating to an advanced search and typing "mac" as a tag. Really counter-intuitive. And the search bar in the forum defaults to searching the whole site, not just the forum? That's just weird. Not to mention it doesn't include the option to search only the current section of the forum.
  8. I agree with people who've requested to make Atlas in the sidebar an optional feature. I have no use for it whatsoever. I feel the same way about the atlas feature in the upcoming iOS update.
  9. I just noticed a bug (at least I consider it a bug). When you're in a particular notebook (note all notes) and you click on the tag dropdown menu, it shows a list of tags that are used in that notebook. And as you type it instantly filters the list to matching tags. But when you delete what you've typed, it doesn't revert to the original list of tags. It doesn't show any tags at all, until you start typing again. The only way to make the list of tags reappear is to close the menu and reopen it.
  10. One thing I just noticed that I REALLY like is when you're in a notebook, the tag dropdown menu only displays tags that are actually used in the selected notebook. Love that.
  11. After continuing to use it for a couple days, I find myself using the Shortcuts to make up for some shortcomings of the new design. The sidebar implementation of Notebooks and Tags is very poor, in my opinion: no visual cue of which notebook and tag(s) are selected; nonpersistent expanded/collapsed state of stacks and parent tags; no info on how many notes in a tag or notebook; inability to confine vertical space for notebooks and tags in the sidebar, causing too much sidebar scrolling... I'm not a fan of the newspaper-style list of tags and notebooks in the main window -- too confusing to follow when you have lots of tags, especially nested tags. So I've stopped using the notebooks and tags in the sidebar altogether and I keep dragging more and more things to Shortcuts to make them more accessible. But now they feel less like shortcuts and more like I'm trying to recreate the old (better) sidebar. Like someone else in this thread noted, it feels like they were trying to revolutionize the app, even in areas where it didn't need it. The search functionality is a HUGE improvement. Glad they revolutionized that.
  12. Just noticed that when I type command-n, sometimes it doesn't go to the new note. It just stays in the note I was already in and creates a new note in the current notebook (or the default notebook if I'm in (All) Notes). And sometimes it navigates to a different note, but not the new note.
  13. I don't see anywhere that shows the number of currently displayed notes. That was key information. Before the upgrade, I had 6,036 notes. Hopefully I still do! (Since this is a beta, I'd sure like to confirm that...) Along those same lines, I miss the number that appeared next to the tag/notebook in the sidebar. I realize the number is now displayed when double-clicking on Tags or Notebooks, but that's not very elegant.
  14. Overall, I do like the new design. Some things I'm sure I'll come to love as I get used to them, but might take some time. My initial observations include: -There's no visual cue in the sidebar which notebook you're in. I realize it says it across the top of the notes list, but I'd like it to be reflected in the sidebar. When you click on Notes/Notebooks/Tags, the text becomes white and stays that way. But when you click on an individual notebook or tag, it's only white while clicking and then it returns to the default color. -Same problem with tags. When I command-click multiple tags, it seems to correctly select notes with those tags, but there's no cue in the sidebar which tags are selected. -Whenever I toggle between hiding and showing the notebook list, the stacks all become expanded. That's crazy making. I have several stacks, and I liked how Evernote used to remember which ones were expanded, and which were collapsed. -I liked how Evernote used to allow you to set a height for the notebook list and the tag list in the sidebar. I use special characters to sort important stacks/notebooks to the top, and I don't want to see the other notebooks since it means pushing the tabs out of view. -The icons in the sidebar are way to big, in my opinion. The Notes item (which I preferred when it was just a notebook called All Notebooks) plus the Notebooks item take up a full inch of vertical space. Way too much. -When I command-click on two tags, the tag dropdown above the notes list only shows the most recently clicked tag when I click on the triangle, even though two tags are selected. Actually, I can only surmise that the two tags are selected by reviewing the notes themselves. There's no visual feedback whatsoever for which tags are selected. -I like the shortcuts list in the sidebar, rather than across the top. You can only fit so many items horizontally, but vertically, it's very flexible. -I wish it would allow me to click a notebook, and then while in that notebook, select a tag (or command-click multiple tags) without leaving the notebook. Any time I select a tag to view, it assumes I want to search all notebooks. I suppose the only way to select for notes with a particular tag in a particular notebook is to type out a compound search in the search field? (e.g., notebook:receipts tag:october tag:2012) -I wish I could expand/collapse the Notebooks and Tags list in the sidebar without right-clicking. -I +1 the comment someone else made about the gray-on-gray in the Tags list. However, I do like how when you click on one tag, other tags that are assigned to any of the currently matching notes become highlighted. Very cool. -I find the light gray type on the dark gray background in the sidebar a little difficult to read. And the distinction between the gray behind the selected item in the sidebar (e.g., Notebooks) and the surrounding gray is barely visible at all. I had to look closely to see if there even is a difference. -I *really* don't like that in Snippet view, the name of the notebook only appears on the selected note's snippet. If you're looking at notes that aren't selected, there's no visual cue what notebook each note is in. -Recent Notes seems buggy to me. Sometimes it adds notes I edited/viewed, and sometimes it doesn't. -The list of saved searches (which as far as I can tell is only accessible when you click in the search field AND begin typing; before you begin typing, it's still hidden) needs more ways to access. I'd like to see a list of saved searches in the sidebar (like before). -I like how when you invoke a saved search, the search parameters appear in the search bar, and can be edited. -I *love* type ahead. Definitely my favorite new feature. I used to hate how it would hang after typing a few characters in the search field. Type ahead is snappy.
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