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  1. YESS! Thank you! And the toggle back and forth icons for this layout has returned.
  2. I know all that, thanks. I'm talking about the actual layout of my notebooks. I used to be able to view the stacks as something that looked like squares, and I double click those, and those opened up the notebooks inside. There used to be an icon in the upper right of the Evernote document that had a choice of stack or list. That is no longer available?
  3. I had to do a clean reinstall of Evernote for Mac, and I'm not seeing the option to see my notes as stacks. Only as a list. Did that go away?
  4. I do a lot of updating on EN for Mac, so when I open EN on Android, it would be really nice to see some kind of indication that it is syncing. I know it is, but a visual confirmatioin just makes me feel better. OK, opened up a notebook, and I do see the 'streaming bars' across the top. But this doesn't appear when I first open EN, which would be nice.
  5. I considered that. I just don't want to be double billed. I took advantage of Premium chat and this is what I was told, which makes sense: So it looks like you subscribed through Google Play Store with Evernote. To change this you will have to unsubscribe through Google Play first and then once the subscription runs out you are able to renew for a full year through the Evernote website.
  6. So under Billing, I see Premium Monthly plan Save money by switching from a monthly to yearly payment plan. But the Change Subscription button is grayed out, I can't click on it...?
  7. Hi, I just paid for Premium for the first time for $5 this month, but decided I want to pay for a year rather than go month to month, which is more expensive. How do I turn my monthly into a yearly now? I'm not seeing anything on the Play store where it says Subscription. thanks in advance, Mark
  8. I recently became a new Premium user, and after syncing, all my Android devices (phone, tablet) were immediately updated to the Premium status. I don't think you have to "enter" any details of your account, it should be automatic when you sync.
  9. Same here, on Android. Most of the thumbnails have disappeared, and the ones that do appear seem to be random (recent and old have both thumbnails and no thumbnails showing).
  10. I'm a UX designer and a heavy user of Skitch for my job (art direction and changes to web sites) and rely heavily on it for personal and home use, across all my computers, phones and tablets. I, too, miss the 'old' skitch and several of the updates are disappointing.
  11. Agreed! I did a lot of annotations in Skitch from pics I had in Evernote. I swear I remember a time where I'd make changes in Skitch, and in closing the image, I remember a dialogue box asking if I wanted to replace the image in Evernote. I'm not getting that anymore. Did I dream this functionality?? It would be so much easier to be able to replace the image. I've obviously made changes to it, it should just save it back.
  12. I usually notice this when I 'share' to Evernote via the browser on my phone (it only saves the url) but on the Mac, I get the page.
  13. I've brought this up before here, and this topic seems to be low if, nonexistent for future considerations. viewtopic.php?f=51&t=25334 I can think of lots of great uses for a scanner to be part of EN. It's a very attractive feature built into SpringPad, I just don't want to use SP. I agree, it's a no-brainer that EN is used to keep stuff, all stuff, and barcode scanning to scan stuff and store this stuff's information with all that a bar code has embedded with it, seems like a perfectly logical and pragmatic addition to Evernote. However, I have to use a separate app like ShopSavvy, and take that info and share it to my EN account and use it like I want. I don't understand why EN is so resistant to this option. They advocate for making a folder for gift ideas, but how much better would it be if we could make this idea a richer and more complete experience by scanning it and storing it. I do it with ShopSavvy (I've tried many bar code scanning apps, and SS is the only one I've found where I can 'share' the scanned info to my Evernote acct) and it's a natural, it just isn't part of EN itself. I recommend it.
  14. ShopSavvy is a great app -- it scans multiple formats and even provides local stores that sell the product. It then provides store details like address, phone, and even links to Google Maps with directions from your current location to the store. Evernote, it would be way cool if you would integrate with ShopSavvy so that they could send the results directly to Evernote. Thanks. For now, using ShopSavvy and sharing to Evernote works great. My SPAM example is how it sends it to EN. The ShopSavvy app stores all my searches, so if I do need to go back and get an address or other info, it's there. I don't need EN and the scan app to duplicate that info. BTW, I happen to have a limited edition collector's Spam container that I use as a pencil holder. It was the quickest find for a bar code. The regular Spam info came back, but the collector can is why I have it. I haven't had fried Spam sandwiches in about 30 years.
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