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  1. Yes, I have been experiencing the same issue for the last week or so but was too busy to investigate, assumed it was a Catalina issue and would be sorted in a EN update promptly. I am currently trying the forced re-index with 10K+ notes, will see how that goes.. iOS and web search working fine. Have contacted support will see what they say.
  2. +1 I've been a daily user of EN for 6+ years and I too have found this to be really clumsy ever since the beginning. Please make "Actual Size" the default, full PDF is useless, you can only see a portion of it. (or at least the option to set it as the default)
  3. Yes! pleased to say I noticed the same. Thanks EN.
  4. I habitually remark every note I clip because that forces a horizontal line into the note and creates a clear space at the top of the note that isn't influenced by HTML. (it's often hard to add notes to some clipped webpages, the formatting/page header won't let you carriage return to make space at the top.)
  5. Does the clipper still have remarks? They suddenly disappeared. The tag field is there but no remark field. I use them religiously - I've looked in the settings repetitively but I can't find how to get them back. [ Version 7.0.0 ] MacOS/Chrome.
  6. Version 6.12 (455416 App Store) PNG files flip horizontally when you use them in the picture field in the account info box. I had a 'm' as a png graphic file that I dropped in there and it showed up reversed. Once I flipped it in Preview.app and re-saved it, it presented correctly in EN.
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