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  1. Hi I love both Scannable and the photo capture/editing function in IOS Evernote. Sometimes, I take photos of documents (or posters on walls for example) on the fly (with the Photos app),. But when I want to put them in Evernote, I realize thatI cannot find a utility that allows me to turn a brownish photo into a crisp legible document. I can do it on my iPhone, but not on my Mac. Or may be I can? :-) Thanks for your help! Stephane
  2. Hi I am an Evernote Premium subscriber, I shared a notebook with a colleague and we have access to it. However, when he sends me notes by chat, my iPhone informs me of it, but when I want to retrieve them on my macbook pro with EN 5.6.0 Beta 6, I cannot find a chat menu. If I type "chat" in Help, it says "nothing found" So what I have been doing is opening the notes in my iPhone, then use the "share" and share it to EN. Kind of cumbersome. I hope I missed something or this it? Thanks for the help! Stephane
  3. I also trim the dupes once back in the app. That started happening after the last major update on web clipper (macbook pro, safari)
  4. Same problem here, although it happened only after the last update on web clipper.
  5. I totally agree! For traveling reasons, I do a lot of reading on my iphone. I see that I am not alone with this idea, so thanks for that :-) EN is a note taking tool, so at some point notes need to be read! And when you read, you stumble upon good stuff. So you highlight. Except, that what happens is far from ideal: you read, you see something you want to highlight so you press it, so the paragraph gets selected and you get the choice to copy or define :-( so you tap lightly and then, bam, half of the screen real estate becomes occupied by a keyboard you do not want to use because you are not typing, you are reading and all you want to do is highlight. So you select the formatting bar, and bam again, you get even more space occupied. So now you have four or five visible lines left and good luck with the selecting process. Again, I totally agree, it would be so nice to have the ability to do a "special" tap and then only have the formatting bar come up and leave the 90% remaining screen for reading and selecting. Not that I want to make anyone jealous at EN, but Good Reader does this in a nice way ;-)
  6. About mind maps, I really like Owyn's remark that doing it on paper all the time makes it an "internalized" practice. Mind maps are known for being "right brain", and therefore more apt to develop a global vision, also more artistic and therefore more creative which could be linked in some ways to "more motivating." Mind maps on computers often look more like tree charts or organigrams (or organograms) and can look like the doings of a left brain trying to pass for a right hemisphere. Personally I use a program on my mac which is called "may thoughts" www.mythoughtsformac.com It may not have all the bells and whistles of other applications, but it looks nice, so does Idea Mapper on my iPad. For me, the "not straight" look makes up for the "microsoft project" rigor. In some ways, this is connected to the "do" and "doing." There are personality preferences (J's and P's--for Judgment and Perception--mentioned in the MBTI, Myers Briggs Type Indicator) that tend to go opposite ways. One type likes to have things done right away, otherwise they feel bad and stressed, whereas the other likes to delay actions and decisions in order to gather more and better info and ideas so as to do it later, faster and better. The later do not care much about feeling bad, actually they need to feel the pressure. Judgment types (the first ones) get a kick out of checking boxes in their todo lists at the end of the day, the week, year, etc. Perception types tend to feel like they have to do it (because otherwise they feel the sideways looks from the others), but it just does not work for them, and their todo lists end up scattered all over the place on pieces of paper, apps and documents as as many reminders of their guilt. Perception types do not need todo lists, because they are "built in." All they need are ticklers, so as to not miss deadlines. Again, what works for me may not work for someone else. In our hyper-active world we need to remember that, beyond "do" or "doing", there is also "being". As for the portability, each case is different. I'd be happy to have a whiteboard, but I travel a lot, so I have to have everything in electronic format and I also have to be very conservative in terms of syncing and backups, because an Internet connection is not always up to par, my sync cable is!
  7. Yes, it does help, thanks! I had never thought about using the search field and with your help I realized that images of text can be searched. I understand that turning images of text into text is not part of Evernote's functions, and in case I want to do this, I will look at the app you suggested. Thanks again.
  8. All right, thanks for your answer, I'll be waiting then!
  9. Hi, I am looking for a way to open in Skitch an image that comes from Evernote, edit it, then have it update itself in Evernote. This is what I can do when I option-click the image in Evernote and choose to open and edit it in Preview. All I have to do is then save the image and it gets updated in Evernote. At this point, the only thing I found once the image is edited in Skitch is to use the "drag me" thing at the bottom of the Skitch screen. The end result is then that I have two images, one "old" unedited, and a new one "skitched", so I have to delete the old one, and this increases the manipulations and the server update time. Oh, and in case it helps, I am a premium user. Thanks in advance!
  10. Sorry for joining in late, but I have a (maybe stupid) question for which I have not been able to find an answer yet in this forum and the knowledge base. Being now in China, I cannot access videos. So here it is: How can I ocr a photo in Evernote? I travel a lot, I do not have a scanner and I would like to be able to OCR a couple of documents here and there. I take the photos with my iPhone 4S, then what? Thanks for your help and sorry again if this has been dealt with before!
  11. As a trainer-consultant, I do not know if what I am writing here applies to this section, still... here it is ;-) - I used to be a Mac Journal user, then came EN! - I need quite a lot of flexibility in my day(s) planning, ie. I know that at the end of the day(s) I will have covered a certain number of topics, but most of the time, the order in which they are covered depend very much on the input and feedback from the participants. - Therefore I use the checkboxes for each topic. As the day moves on, I click checkboxes corresponding to the topics/activities/ideas covered. As I glance at my desktop (could be iPad or iPhone too --then it's a matter of wether I can do wifi synch or not: if I cannot, I will obviously stick to one piece of equipment) I see what is covered and not and I can steer the discussion in a suitable direction. - Also, what I like a lot with EN is the ability to have photos in the notes. I sometimes have to draw complicated stuff on flipchart, but I am not the kind of guy who drags his precious flipcharts neatly rolled up from training room to training room (although I have a lot of respect for my colleagues who do so). This is when I can use (preferably) my iPad and find all the info I need. - I have noticed that having the written content + the photos of previous content allows me to improve on my production, ie. I make it better as time goes by, and photos of more recent flipcharts get to replace older ones, thus allowing my work to progress and create living content rather than un-moveable stuff.
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