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  1. Hi I love both Scannable and the photo capture/editing function in IOS Evernote. Sometimes, I take photos of documents (or posters on walls for example) on the fly (with the Photos app),. But when I want to put them in Evernote, I realize thatI cannot find a utility that allows me to turn a brownish photo into a crisp legible document. I can do it on my iPhone, but not on my Mac. Or may be I can? :-) Thanks for your help! Stephane
  2. Hi I am an Evernote Premium subscriber, I shared a notebook with a colleague and we have access to it. However, when he sends me notes by chat, my iPhone informs me of it, but when I want to retrieve them on my macbook pro with EN 5.6.0 Beta 6, I cannot find a chat menu. If I type "chat" in Help, it says "nothing found" So what I have been doing is opening the notes in my iPhone, then use the "share" and share it to EN. Kind of cumbersome. I hope I missed something or this it? Thanks for the help! Stephane
  3. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. In connection with jbignert reply, I think this may be linked to my location, and I have had a really hard time getting to this forum. I am now in China, and I am familiar with Gmail slowing down to a crawl, but I had never seen this with Evernote (I am saying this because my other Internet connections are working fine) Logging back in did help, and thanks for that too, Scottlougheed!
  4. When I clip an article (wether article or simplified article), the usual black bar appears on the right, so the "add tag" appears, but ho choice for a notebook. So when I click on the save button, I see the usual black panel except that this time it says: 'clipping "..."', which does not do anything. This happens 90% of the time, and I have no idea why (good network, slow one, ethernet, wifi, Europe, China...). Leaving the page opened for 10 minutes does not do anything, nor restarting the extension, nor the mac, not even myself. I depend very much on EN for my work, but I see more and more occasions where things go astray: sync problems, offline notes that turn online in an offline notebook, and now this... may be time for EN to do a big code Spring clean-up. Mac OSX 10.9.2 Safari 7.0,2 Clipper 6.1
  5. :-) At last something that make us laugh, thanks for that!
  6. For me, it does not work with Pages and Numbers, but it works with Word.
  7. I also trim the dupes once back in the app. That started happening after the last major update on web clipper (macbook pro, safari)
  8. Same problem here, although it happened only after the last update on web clipper.
  9. I totally agree! For traveling reasons, I do a lot of reading on my iphone. I see that I am not alone with this idea, so thanks for that :-) EN is a note taking tool, so at some point notes need to be read! And when you read, you stumble upon good stuff. So you highlight. Except, that what happens is far from ideal: you read, you see something you want to highlight so you press it, so the paragraph gets selected and you get the choice to copy or define :-( so you tap lightly and then, bam, half of the screen real estate becomes occupied by a keyboard you do not want to use because you are not typing, you are reading and all you want to do is highlight. So you select the formatting bar, and bam again, you get even more space occupied. So now you have four or five visible lines left and good luck with the selecting process. Again, I totally agree, it would be so nice to have the ability to do a "special" tap and then only have the formatting bar come up and leave the 90% remaining screen for reading and selecting. Not that I want to make anyone jealous at EN, but Good Reader does this in a nice way ;-)
  10. Hi! I am a premium user and a happy one :-) I use EN all the time, but I do not understand how the home screen panels work and what rules decides what appears on the shortcuts and notebooks panels. It would be nice to be able to choose which shortcut and which notebooks are there, because the latest ones are not necessarily the ones one needs to access on a regular basis. Also, it would be great--as this is much in fashion nowadays in smartphones apps--to be able to make the panels slide, especially the "main" note panel. By this I mean slide the panel so that you can display the former notes. For example, the 2 most recently modified notes are on display by default (if I am not mistaken), then sliding the notes panel to the left would show the 3rd and 4th, etc. notes so I do not have to open the whole note screen with the 1600 notes I have there. I hope this contributes to this great app! Thanks
  11. Hi! I imported an image and then opened it in preview to change its color, saved it and went back to EN. The image was there but not scaled, ie. if I made the window narrower, it just stayed as high but got narrower which would turn into an unreadable sausage. Then I found a wizard dance : go on fullscreen mode and then quit and reopen. Now the image is there, but full-blown. Since I am going to use it for high res printing purposes, the image is 3000 pixels and I only a small part of it is displayed. If there a way to have the image displayed so that is fits the window it is in while maintaining its proportions (i.e. for ex. an originally 900 x 600 would appear as a 300 x 200 on a 300px wide window)? Thanks.
  12. It seems that the original login bug came from Apple in the first place (gotta get used to this) http://techland.time.com/2013/09/24/five-ios-7-bugs-and-how-to-work-around-them/ As an end user, all I want is not be hostage of some over-complex stuff creating systemic bugs, I just want my Evernote to work.
  13. With the new version, moving around a video can only be done at high speed. Is this going to be fixed?
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