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(Archived) Quicksilver Plug-in for Evernote?




I've been a user of Evernote on the Mac since the beta. One of the joys of using a Mac for me is using Quicksilver, which is a launcher/data management helper app that incredibly extensible. If you've never used Quicksilver, I encourage you to go to http://www.blacktree.com/ and have a look, or look at Lifehacker's extension coverage of Quicksilver at http://lifehacker.com/software/quicksilver/.

My question is: are there any plans to integrate Evernote with Quicksilver, through a plug-in of some sort? The interaction could be as simple as "create a new note", or "show me all notes that have the following tags", or "search for notes containing the following text".

If anyone's familiar with Quicksilver, I would encourage you to have a look at the Stikkit plug-in for ideas of functionality, as it's very well implemented.

I've seen on the board that an API is in the works. This will probably help a lot in developing a Quicksilver plug-in. I believe that Quicksilver has recently gone open-source, and if the Evernote API is free for anyone to use, then anyone with the technical know-how would be able to develop an Evernote Quicksilver plug-in. I was just wondering if anyone on the Evernote team uses Quicksilver, and if there any any plans or intentions to develop an official plug-in for Evernote access.

Thanks for the great software!

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Thanks for the suggestion. We will be launching an API (to talk to the service) as well as some official scripting interfaces for the desktop clients. Once we get these squared away, we'll take a look at whether there's an easy way to glue together our AppleScript and Quicksilver.


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Just wanted to add support to the request for a Quicksilver plug-in. For the many thousands of Quicksilver users, there is a huge gap in the Evernote user interface.

I like the ability to print to Evernote for the standard print dialog. It would also be great if you could right click and send highlighted text to Evernote from a contextual menu.


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Hello... not sure if anyone will notice this reply, as this thread is quite old.

However, I wanted to chime in that I actually spent a bunch of time over the past weekend looking into how to code a Quicksilver plugin... for exactly this purpose.

Quicksilver's codebase is getting rather old, and good info on plugin development is hard to find, but I think that I have enough info to create an open-source effort that would bring Yojimbo-like support for QuickSilver to Evernote.

Unfortunately, the existing API is missing some key hooks: most importantly, there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the Evernote application to open a note. What we need is a simple "open" hook that asks for a note ID, and when requested, pops up the note's window within Evernote.

Given that... I could write a QuickSilver plugin that queries the local notebooks via applescript and exposes note titles, with an action for opening the note in Evernote. An added bonus would be exposing the note text (perhaps just a text version of the note, even though it can be more than text) so that I could create "copy" and "display" actions as well.

I haven't looked at the "create note" side of things... but I know that there is a create note action, so perhaps this side will be easier. I'm guessing that there isn't a way to pop up an Evernote dialog for creating a new note, though... making it difficult to add new notes w/ proper tagging and titles.

Anyway... I've gone as far as I can go without a little help from the folks at Evernote. I would gladly start a project for this on GitHub and do most of the development, if you can offer any advice or help with exposing these features.

If not... then I'll sadly sulk away and continue to long for the day when Evernote can completely replace Yojimbo! :-P


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Hey Josh. Thanks for looking into this. Adding an "open" or "show note" AppleScript command should be pretty trivial, and I've added it to our internal todo list. Can't guarantee *when*, but its on the list.

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I'll 8th that... ;)

Quicksilver is an outstanding utility, and never ceases to amaze me each time I discover yet more that it can do.

And Evernote is similar - and getting better all the time.

Marrying those two together would indeed be awesome!

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There's a pretty good solution for this here: http://is.gd/5851h it's a post on macosxhints.com that tell you how to make a QS action using applescript (which is given in the post).

While a more robust EN plugin for QS which, I could imagine, allows for managing/deleting/editing existing notes, this action is pretty much all that's needed for note creation.

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