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  1. @BurgersNFries in mac you can also choose the columns to display but "tags" isn't an option.
  2. I tried to search the forum for a previous post on this but didn't find it. Anyway, it's a good thing more people are requesting it and hope it gets implemented soon. Thanks
  3. Hi, It would be great if the note's tags could be shown as a column in the note list. Even if with many tags it would just show partial results. I use tags like "pending" or "waiting" or "closed" and it would be great to be able to easily see which notes are pending and which are waiting without having to open each one. Regards, Nuno
  4. Hi, It would be terribly useful to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to saved searches. Regards, Nuno
  5. Well, I'd say at least the at note level could be done this way: - sacrifice image search (or even image use) on encrypted notes - ask for the decrypting password both on the web and on the mobile devices And the "whole notebook" encryption could be implemented as a normal notebook in which all notes are individually encrypted as above. They could still be individually synchronized but would always need a password in order to be seen. And the image search would be impossible and that would be a reasonable trade-off for such an important feature. Maybe I'm being simplistic since I don't know the real internal technical challenges involved but I really think this is a critical issue. Today there are things I keep out of Evernote just because of this. My personal diary and my health log for example. Cheers, Nuno
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have plans to add functionality to encrypt a note or the whole notebook? I'd say that's the most useful way to implement encryption in Evernote. At least the way I use it. Thanks, Nuno
  7. I also get this problem. Sometimes when I open an encrypted note... a LOT of empty lines appear between the paragraphs. Encryption really needs to be seriously rethought. I would like to: - have this added lines bug solved - be able to encrypt a note (not just parts of the text) - be able to encrypt a notebook If someone from Evernote reads this please give us a status on these issues. Thanks, Nuno
  8. Hi Dave, Glad you read this. I hope you fix it. Thanks! Nuno
  9. Thank is indeed a behavior also get. I'd say this can be considered a bug. I hope this is read by someone from the dev team.
  10. Hi, I have a lot of tags. And even though I try to keep them organized in a 2-level hierarchy they're still a lot. So I started making saved searches so that I don't have to deal with tags except when I'm creating them. But unfortunately, whenever I select a saved search, the tags folder in the sidebar expand in order to show all selected tags. But this is annoying because the selected searches go out of site below the bottom of the screen. It would be great if there was a way to avoid the tags folder from expanding. Or at least a way to move the saved searches folder to above the tags folder. Is there? Thanks, Nuno
  11. Hi, It would be great to be able to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to saved searches. Or at least to be able to access them through some previously established keyboard shortcut keys like cmd+alt+1, cmd+alt+2, etc. I feel that every time I have to move between contexts I have to think about navigation, look for the correct search in the left pane and click it. An application like Evernote would have a lot to gain in having well sorted out keyboard shortcuts for all its features. Nuno
  12. Hi engberg, I understand :-) Anyway, since the toolbar is customizable you could even have them hidden after installation, but the 3-finger gesture would still work. I hope you consider this request! Thank you for your prompt reply and explanation. Nuno
  13. But why isn't there such a feature today? Is there any reason? Do you have plans to implement it? It's extremely useful and doesn't seem to be hard to implement. Thanks, Nuno
  14. Hi, Several times I am writing in two or more notes stored in different notebooks. Everytime I switch between them I am forced to browse or search for it. It would be much simpler if I had a pair of back/forward buttons like finder and all browsers have. Even better if they'd use the standard macbook three-finger gesture to move back and forward between the notes I'm working on. Can this be done today? If not, it woud be a great feature. Thanks, Nuno
  15. Ah! I didn't know that. I'll do it that way then. Thanks!
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