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(Archived) Evernote Client List

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Keep hearing about all the clients Evernote may have to support. I think I have listed them all but not sure. Total clients used to be mentioned as 14, but, I am pretty sure I saw a mention of 17 clients recently.

Any corrections most welcome.

  1. Desktop - Apple Mac (OSX)
  2. Desktop - Microsoft Windows (XP,Vista,Win7)
  3. Mobile - Android
  4. Mobile - Blackberry OS
  5. Mobile - Blackberry Tablet OS
  6. Mobile - Chrome OS
  7. Mobile - iOS - iPad (iOS 4+)
  8. Mobile - iOS - iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS3+)
  9. Mobile - Symbian
  10. Mobile - WebOS - Palm (including Pre)
  11. Mobile - Windows Mobile
  12. Mobile - Windows Phone 7
  13. Web - Full Client
  14. Web - Mobile Client

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I'd actually consider the browsers and their associated clippers "clients". While they don't necessarily run the core Evernote application, they're pretty central within the Evernote ecosystem.

Of course, they may blur the line a bit here, causing an inevitable slide towards other EN products like Clearly, Food or Hello. And then really you would have just created an Evernote product listing :)

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Yeah. At this point I was trying to see if I had a complete & accurate list of clients which provide the following core functions:

- Create a new note

- Edit an existing note (excepting restricted notes such as Evernote Food meal notes)

- Render (View) an existing note

- Find (using Evernote search grammar) existing notes

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uh oh...will it work ok with 500 largely text notes do you think?

Should be fine.

I tested it with an approx 7000 note/800MB database. That was definitely too large to use efficiently.

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Owyn's list is cleaner and easier to eyeball. Wikipedia also has a list of Supported platforms (5th section down).


I cross checked the two listings. The following might be candidates for Owyn's list.

  • Maemo
  • Google Wave (I thought it died)
  • Portable versions of Evernote for flash drives and U3 drives
  • Third-party clients for Evernote: NixNote, People's Note, Ploze

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Yes, I like Owyn's list better as well.

But I need an official EN page to give to friends/colleagues that might be interested in EN.

Also, Owyn's list doesn't address which Brower's have a EN Clipper.

A number of these are for small teams, and the team leader will want to know what all is supported before recommending to the team.

For example, it appears that currently there is no web clipper for either iPhone or iPad.

But I can't confirm this for sure.

A lot of people are considering using the iPad instead of a laptop.

But if you can't clip web pages on the iPad, then that could be a deal breaker for using EN or the iPad.

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Evernote is working on updated documentation that should cover the items you are looking for.

I expect to see something in the first quarter of 2012, but, no formal ETA has been announced (as usual).

The list was prepared because I got curious about what the "14" clients could be.

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Yeah. I know that I don't even try to clip on the Touch. If I happen to be browsing on the Touch (infrequent) and I want a record of a page, then:

I use the email url to evernote function, and then

Do a "proper" clip from the full web client while processing my Inbox.

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