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  1. I too would love to see some improved outline capability, but I don't think we need a huge new "mode" or a plug-in or anything. The current tool is very close. In my opinion all it needs is to have a few things: 1) the tab key indent (*****-tab reverse indent) instead of instead of inserting 5 spaces. 2) when indenting a numbered item is should include the "parent" number e.g. "1.1" or "2.3.1" instead of just "1." -- the bulleted list is smart enough to pick a new kinda of bullet, so the numbered list could do that. Heck..already the numbered list is smart enough to renumber the lines the next level up! 3) The ability to select indented lines of text and cycle between bullets, numbers, and nothing. Currently it can't do that...it just gets very very confused... I think that is all that is needed...am I wrong?
  2. Good stuff. I'll create a new VM of WindowsXP that is extremely stripped down so it'll run on 500MB or less of RAM (today mine take 1.5GB). Then I can start and stop from the disk suspend state...smart!
  3. I love VirtualBox and agree that their ability to represent Windows apps as native in Ubuntu is getting VERY good. Unfortunately for me, I use Ubuntu for software development and between two browsers, a debugger, Maven, and Eclipse, I am already out of memory without even running a VM!!! And no, the boss won't get me a new laptop....
  4. I've been on Ubuntu for the past two years and am very happy. I always wanted to try Evernote, but the lack of a native client held me back until I found Nixnote: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/evernote-for-linux-nevernote.html Its a nice app, but does any of your experts know if they'll be supporting Ubuntu, ChromeOS, or Linux in general with a nice client any time soon?
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