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  1. I'll check it out this week...thanks for the tip. It's interesting that they have their own editor for Evernote and that their editor is pluggable. It's actually very cool that doing such a thing is possible. I would be happy to pay for an Evernote client editor that really rocked. The last note system I was using was Tomboy and it's note editor was very solid...no flakiness, no weird key shortcuts, functional tab key, etc. It's certainly not going to kill me to learn to hit a button instead of typing the tab key, but it is *really* annoying. Thanks for your help....I'm sure you already know this, but it is community helpers such as yourself that get us newbies over the hump!
  2. Hmmm. So I guess HTML doesn't have a TAB: http://htmltab.kb-creative.net/ Still seems like it should Just Work...especially since it does in Google Docs.
  3. New user to Evernote here. Is it me or is there no way to insert a "tab" character in a note? It seems it is always getting converted to 5 spaces...which for whatever reason is rendering differently in different clients. I can use indents, but then I have to click on the toolbar (in the web editor), which is inconvenient. In my Nixnote client I have to hit ctrl-M (already filed an issue there). Can one of you EN guru's enlighten me on the best way to created aligned/indent text without leaving the keyboard? Thanks!
  4. I too would love to see some improved outline capability, but I don't think we need a huge new "mode" or a plug-in or anything. The current tool is very close. In my opinion all it needs is to have a few things: 1) the tab key indent (*****-tab reverse indent) instead of instead of inserting 5 spaces. 2) when indenting a numbered item is should include the "parent" number e.g. "1.1" or "2.3.1" instead of just "1." -- the bulleted list is smart enough to pick a new kinda of bullet, so the numbered list could do that. Heck..already the numbered list is smart enough to renumber the lines the next level up! 3) The ability to select indented lines of text and cycle between bullets, numbers, and nothing. Currently it can't do that...it just gets very very confused... I think that is all that is needed...am I wrong?
  5. Good stuff. I'll create a new VM of WindowsXP that is extremely stripped down so it'll run on 500MB or less of RAM (today mine take 1.5GB). Then I can start and stop from the disk suspend state...smart!
  6. I love VirtualBox and agree that their ability to represent Windows apps as native in Ubuntu is getting VERY good. Unfortunately for me, I use Ubuntu for software development and between two browsers, a debugger, Maven, and Eclipse, I am already out of memory without even running a VM!!! And no, the boss won't get me a new laptop....
  7. That is REALLY good to know. I've already noticed that after reading a note on my Android device the XML note file is cached on the SD card and can be read in plain text when the phone is in airplane mode. Is Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich? You wouldn't happen to know how long before a roll out onto Verizon's newer handsets like the Thunderbolt? (...braces for impact...)
  8. Newbie here with a directory that contains a few hundred HTML files in it. Do any of the clients offer a way to snort that into EN? Not as attachments, but converted to a note. I'll accept some loss of formatting....
  9. Thanks for the links guys -- big help. I also stumbled upon a blog entry in 2008. It confirms what I suspected. The notes are stored unencrypted and therefore I really can't include any really sensitive material unless I do client side encryption first ... which I've test and thankfully seems to work very well. I do wish there was an option to perform clients-side encryption on a note by default. Sort-of like a private checkbox or something. Would be cool if the preference could be at the notebook level. In any event..looking forward to my new app!
  10. Wow that looks a lot better than I had imagined. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I have tested Nixnote. Baumgarr has done a great job implementing a 3rd part client, but, unfortunately it does not scale well to large Evernote databases. At least it did not when I tested it a few months ago. uh oh...will it work ok with 500 largely text notes do you think?
  12. I suggest you search on encryption or security. This topic has already been discussed at great length. Using the search function prevents other users (who volunteer their time to answer questions) from having to repost what they've already posted in other threads. Also, I started a thread about Dropbox vs Evernote that discusses this topic. Then, if you have specific questions, please post them. Will do.
  13. Brand new user here gearing up to transfer 500+ notes from another system into Evernote. However, some of these contain extremely sensitive data. Are my notes encrypted when on the Evernote servers? I am not so much worried they'll sell it or anything, just concerned that malicious employees or hackers could break into their systems. Any offline copies I keep on my desktop are all located on encrypted file systems so I feel like I have the client end addressed. Also -- what does Evernote use for cloud storage...do they farm that out to Amazon? I guess I am wondering if they have any redundancy built into their storage system.... Whats the scoop?
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