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I have to say I'm pretty allergic to the complete grey look in Mac OS X Lion as well - it's the biggest (perhaps the only) drawback with Lion so far. And I find it disturbing to see other apps (like Evernote) following suit.

When I look at the Resources folder for Evernote though, the colour icons are still there, meaning that this is handled the same way the Finder, Mail, iTunes all handle these icons - some kind of mask is imposed on the icons.

Now, I'm not a programmer, but it seems to me that Apple is including this masking code with Lion, and that the Finder, Mail, iTunes and also third-party application vendors like Evernote are making use of this code. Is it possible to find this code and disable this somehow?

Maybe Apple and Evernote don't want to provide this simple functionality, but perhaps some enterprising programmer somewhere is up to the task.

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