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(Archived) Vote for Native WebOS TouchPad app

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Just because HP killed the TouchPad on hardware doesn't mean that WebOS is dead. To the contrary, HP has pledged to continue development for WebOS (and I happen to have a good friend that is an HP strategic partner that gave me this information first hand from a meeting that he personally had with HP's VP) and plans on utilizing the platform in various ways. In my opinion, it needs a major injection of developers in order to keep it moving forward with consumers. However, now you've got 500,000 - 1,000,000+ TouchPad users out there that want quality apps. Evernote is one of those apps. My understanding is that WebOS is pretty easy to write for, and Evernote already has an app on WebOS, it's just formatted for the phone and not the Tablet. I really don't see where it would take that much time and resources to work the app over to the TP. The value is that Evernote has premium users, such as myself, that pay yearly for the app and want to use it on every device that we may own. So there is definitely value. Just my thoughts.

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Plus one!

The TouchPad is hardly a dead device--it's the second most common tablet device after the iPad, with well over 500,000 users (and probably a lot more than that), and webOS is still being developed.

These users need a full Evernote app--the current phone app is an embarrassment!

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In the latest podcast, they very briefly mentioned the TouchPad app, saying simply that it was nearly finished but now it's dead. Is that the official word, nearly finishing it then drop it? Maybe you could release the source to the community, at least. . .

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I don't think there will ever be a native app for Touchpad. Although they will not admit it, I don't think Evernote was successful in creating a Touchpad app. Web OS browser simply has a lot of compatibility problems and you can't download a lot of docs directly into touchpad. My guess they simply failed to create the app and wont admit it.

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It's not going to happen

If you feel there is significant market share for it, there is nothing stopping any of you from designing a client on our API and charging for the sale of it, like some of our trunk applications do.

We've already said that we're not developing one.

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