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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't skitch already out for android? I mean it wasn't anything to really re-develop, Evernote just acquired it. I don't think that's a good example. But good to know its in the works... still would be nice to know what's happening. It's not like were a major corporation (yes I just added my name to the EN family )
  2. I just don't understand why EN has a bias towards apple products? This same thing happened with EN Food and Hello, Android was always last. I'm not sure why they don't do it together.
  3. Not the latter... I'm premium and just realized I had that option... coming in great already!
  4. Yeh, I think I was getting offline copy confused with local copy. If I could get it connected I would. Just looking for a second option.
  5. Goooooooood Morning All! Hope all is well! And those that are state side... getting ready for a nice holiday (too bad its mid week). I have a question regarding syncing local notebooks. From searching it appears it is not possible to sync local notebooks offline. So I just wanted to confirm there hasn't been an update. Basically I just want a private book to sync with my phone without going to the web or using web. While I can use EN I've moved a PC in an environment that cannot access the web.However, I use it just like any other pc other then it doesn't sync. It would be nice to have the notes on my phone though.
  6. Hmmmm I find the issue more with EN... interesting... have you tried increasing the resolution?
  7. I went to my android mobile settings but the only options there are is passcode lock and unlink device. I didn't see it online. PHone specific?
  8. hey guys where is that setting??? I can't seem to find it.
  9. I was going to say the same... you may just have to wait. Many of us users (at least me) always conduct OCR prior to EN. Lots of discussions about that but personally I don't reply on EN. Not that its not that good but if I ever export it... it will always be there
  10. I was going to suggest you update your software but it appears you have the most recent version. It doesn't look like you saved the profile.. Try saving it as a new name then verify it saves.. I was actually creating three more profiles with mine yesterday :-)
  11. What are you all putting in your EN to need the 1GB per month? I'm not likely going to reach it but im curious... this month has only been about 30mb and I OCR all my PDFS... im just curious.
  12. Hey All, I just wanted to remind everyone to continuously update their software. I recently got my scanner about a month ago and didn't realized until yesterday that my software wasn't the most up to date (must have been on the shelf for a while). Anyway now I get a popup with the setting use for the scanner button profile. It really alleviates my pain trying to remember what I have set for which scanner (multiple locations). So just a reminder! Thanks! J
  13. I think I want to try something different I don't want to wait anymore for all of my pages to convert. so I thought I would buy the abbyy fine reader and set it to convert all non searchable documents in a folder( the EN folder) Right now it will watch a folder but it has to be scanned with the scanner (Finereader for Fujistu) Do you think this process would work? So after the system updates the pdf it stull syncs to EN?
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