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  1. I went to my android mobile settings but the only options there are is passcode lock and unlink device. I didn't see it online. PHone specific?
  2. hey guys where is that setting??? I can't seem to find it.
  3. I was going to say the same... you may just have to wait. Many of us users (at least me) always conduct OCR prior to EN. Lots of discussions about that but personally I don't reply on EN. Not that its not that good but if I ever export it... it will always be there
  4. I was going to suggest you update your software but it appears you have the most recent version. It doesn't look like you saved the profile.. Try saving it as a new name then verify it saves.. I was actually creating three more profiles with mine yesterday :-)
  5. Hey All, I just wanted to remind everyone to continuously update their software. I recently got my scanner about a month ago and didn't realized until yesterday that my software wasn't the most up to date (must have been on the shelf for a while). Anyway now I get a popup with the setting use for the scanner button profile. It really alleviates my pain trying to remember what I have set for which scanner (multiple locations). So just a reminder! Thanks! J
  6. I've just finished scanning my file cabinet into EN!!!!! Yayyyy I did throw out very old files though... like the ones i really didn't want to keep anyway... But Its DONE!
  7. From my understanding ... you will only get the OCR option while using the Evernote Search so I still use the scanner OCR so that if I export or use it out of EN. I can still search on the document. Without rescanning again...
  8. I scan my documents one at a time so I end up with a PDF that only contains that one document. After scanning and adding to Evernote, I tag and edit the title. Then move on to the next document. Thanks you sir.... I can't believe I'm THIS excited about organizing... smh lol
  9. Question. So since EN is suppose to convert pdfs to searchable ones.... I don't need to have that setting on my scansnap correct?
  10. Just picked up my scanner and can't wait to get oanrganized! Question though.... say i have old bills/files... is there a way to break them up into separate documents easily? or do i always end up with one document for it.
  11. your right I'm just going to suck it up and start. My planning will probably just be piss poor at best.
  12. Thanks all, Jamie I was reading your 3 steps on going paperless too. I do get a better understanding of organizing the data now but I guess it will just take some time to "let go". I cannot get over the ability to access this information everywhere and is one of my main reasons for needing this. Now I do have another question which will probably help with my clarity. Lets take my home filing cabinet. I have bills, receipts, insurance docs etc. Would you create a notebook for the "cabinet" or "home cabinet" and they tag each item? Or would you suggest one by each company? I think the answer is likely "cabinet" or "Mail". Am I getting this right?
  13. Hello everyone. I've been using Evernote for about 3-4 weeks now. My goal is to become paperless and officially start in 2012. But I guess I continue to revert back to my old ways and want to use My Documents. What I would like is a way to utilize Outlook and my Documents folder in Windows. Here's my situation... At work I save files in folders based upon projects (this is where I could use tags). I do not sync this information online since it could be sensitive but the program alone does provide better organization. I can also send work emails based upon a subject to its appropriate folder... ooops, notebook. But how do you all work with the limitation of subnotebooks. When I'm at home I use my documents folders frequently so I would like to have some organization there too. But when I place files (even xls, pdf, etc) it doesn't appear to stand on its own but attached to a note. This I am having a hard time to grasp... If I have a file on "actual costs" why do I need to have it within a note instead of residing in a folder? at a minimum I believe the note should default to the name of the file. Is this possible? How many tags are too many tags? I can easily see things getting out of hand for me. Is there a way to show tags based on notebook. I saw in a tread it was possible but I couldn't replicate. Also I'm used to a file tree and only have one level to drill down in notebooks doesn't see as the best organizational solution. Although I will work with it. I believe I'm committed to evernote since I've been reviewing this forum and other products. Right now I just want to get really organized.
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