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(Archived) BUG: Problem with syncing backdated creation dates



Hi folks

I was told I should repost in this forum, as it appears it might be a problem of the Mac client, seems to work under Windows:

I've come across a problem that really bothers me:

I started to create notes with meeting agendas, minutes etc, for future reference. Since they are all in the past I wanted to backdate the creation date.

I did this in the following way:

I sent minutes by email to my evernote address. On my EN for Mac I then put the creation date back.

Unfortunately the creation date stayed the same on my iPad and the web interface. I had like 50 notes all on the same day. After some research I found the following:

When I create notes by sending emails to my EN email address, any changes of the creation date on my Mac do not get synced back to the EN server. It just remains on the date the email arrived on the EN server.

However when I create a note locally on my Mac, change the creation date on my Mac and sync/upload the note into the Web, then it works.

So my question is:

Is this a bug?

How can I change the creation date on the Web interface in order to get older minutes/notes backdated properly?



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If what you are saying is true then you should probably open a support ticket as it sounds like a bug.

As a workaround, I tend to just put the date I want things to be in the title of my note, for example...

20110718 Minutes from boring meeting with bunch of idiots

20110717 Minutes from hellish long boring waste of my life

Then I can order my notebook by title and quickly find things in date order. Works nicely for me and I don't have to go and manually change things.

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Same issue here on latest Evernote for Mac. Updates to the note creation date made in the Mac Client do not get pushed back to the server. They do get pushed back on the Windows client. This is a serious problem that they need to fix. I use an AppleScript to automatically update creation dates based on date tags in the note title, and not having these pushed back to the server is a real issue with my other systems that use the Windows client and with accessing notes on the web front end; I rely on those creation dates.

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Have you opened a support ticket?

I have opened a support ticket yesterday. The first response was to completely remove evernote itself and all evernote related data (using apptrap), then reboot, reinstall and redownload all data.

As a personal side note: This has always been the first response in all the three support tickets I had in the last 12 months, and it has never resolved the issue. For the low success rate of this particular first-aid measure, they don't seem to mind the cost of the extra network traffic it causes (in my case, it's >2GB on each re-download, totaling something around 15GB on all my devices).

Personal opinions aside, I'll post the results as soon as I have them.

Edit: A workaround is to always change something else as well as the creation date, e.g. add some empty lines at the end of the note. Swbuehler could probably build this into their applescript.

Update: Reinstalling and redownloading everything did not solve the issue. I'm almost 100% certain this is a bug.

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I think that support does this because it actually does have a significant rate of success. Support folks like round-trips any more than the customers do; they like to solve problems, and they'd give up quickly on something that never worked. Plus, once it's done, it gives them a reasonable shot at being assured that they're dealing with a clean playing field.It's no guarantee, of course, as in your case, which does seem to be a bug, and hopefully the followup will find and fix it for you.

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Yep just want to confirm that this is indeed a bug. I responded to a couple of tickets this morning saying that I can confirm it is not working as designed and I have filed a bug on your behalf. Basically if you change the creation date, save and sync this should be reflected across all clients but at the moment it is not.

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This will be a good issue to solve. I can think of many instances where it would be good to change the created date, such as notes transferred from other sources, and then leaving the updated date as the date the note was imported. Could you post when the bug is fixed?

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