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  1. The stacked notebook view in the sidebar seems to be gone. To view the stacked notebooks, you must click on the "Notebooks" label in the sidebar, and then you can view it in the "My Notebook List."
  2. I use tags for some quick finding of certain items, but searching, along with a consistent set of naming conventions works great! I try to incorporate the date in a YYYY-MM-DD format in every note, as well as a good title. Think of what you are likely to be looking for if you ever need the note, and use that in the title. The idea for codes is great to link items as well. I also use some metatags in the notes, which start with an "x" so that a search for the tag will bring up only what I am looking for. For example, I use "xtodo" for something that needs action. A search for the term "xtodo" will turn up any notes which have an open task, or one that has not been captured into Omnifocus. I use "xinfo" for interesting info that may need to be processed further, or "xwait" for something that someone else is doing. I delete or change the tag when the information is handled. I also use a footer (or header, as appropriate) for any note that I have reviewed as part of my weekly review. I use "xreviewed YYYY-MM-DD -", and add any comments appropriate to the review. This allows me to search for reviewed notes, or notes reviewed a specific day or month.
  3. I thought that the re-install fixed it, but it did not. Intitle search is inconsistent on the Mac, only returning part of the results. Any search with the "-" appears to be broken on the Mac client, and is completely ignored. Both work fine on the web-based client, as I just confirmed.
  4. I seem to be finding more problems as well. Yesterday, I was trying to search "Intitle" for a word in a specific notebook, and it returned 2 results. 5 exist in the notebook. The web-based version finds all 5. It appears that all of the "-" functions are not working for me. I have a support ticket, and the first suggestion was to re-install Evernote. I did so, and the same problem was still here. The next suggestion was to move the Evernote database, and let the software re-download a new database. I am trying that right now to see how it works, but I am doubtful, given the other problems reported.
  5. I take many of my notes in outline format, as it is the way that I think. However, I find that I also do it manually, using dashes and spaces. It works, but is not a super high-powered solution. I would use it, but again, I think making it work with the mobile clients and retain its formatting would be the tricky part.
  6. I have been using Evernote for two years now, and am putting more and more into it, and it is becoming a very trusted part of my daily routine. The ability to get that information back out when I need it is critical. Generally, a regular search works. I tried an in-title search on a folder, looking for a specific two-word phrase. The phrase occurs in-title 5 times in this notebook. When using the Mac client, it only returns 2 instances. I switched to the web-based version, and it returns all 5 instances using the same search. Recently, I also found that the "-" operator does not work in the Mac client, but does in Windows, web-based, and IOS. Is anyone else finding rather quirky search behavior with the Mac? I hate to just use the web-based client, as it is a bit slower, but it seems that I must for reliable searches. Don't get me wrong… this is a great product! I signed up for premium within a month of beginning use, and have no intentions of leaving. I just need to know that I can find the information. With over 3000 notes (and growing), it is just a mash of information without solid, strong search features. Thanks, Craig
  7. This will be a good issue to solve. I can think of many instances where it would be good to change the created date, such as notes transferred from other sources, and then leaving the updated date as the date the note was imported. Could you post when the bug is fixed?
  8. It does seem that the "-" feature of this is not working at all on the Mac version, and multiple criteria are not working as well. I opened a support ticket on this, so maybe they can look into it. I am adding to my workflow a review of past notes as part of a weekly/periodic review. For example, I review notes created one month ago, three months ago, six months ago, and one year ago, to see if the information is still relevant, and if I even need to keep the note. It also helps to see if there is anything that I need to do as a result of the note. I am working around this by using the web-based client, although it is a little slow and clunky to edit with compared to the Mac-based client (I add a tag to each note putting in that I reviewed it and the date). Hopefully I will hear back soon.
  9. I am trying to perform a search for notes created one year ago. I enter the search as the following: created:week-52 -created:week-51 This should list the notes that are created 52 weeks ago or more recently, but NOT the notes created 51 weeks ago or more recently. On the Mac, it appears to only be searching by the first criteria, and just returning notes more recent than 52 weeks ago for a creation date, all the way up to notes created today. I logged into the web based client, and it works the way it is supposed to. It also works the way it is supposed to on the IOS version. I cannot determine if it works correctly with the Windows client, as my Windows machine is at work. Is this a bug, something that I am doing incorrectly, or just a limitation of the Mac software?
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