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(Archived) Emailing To A Notebook With Spaces

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I tried wrapping the @ in quotes (e.g. @"My Notebook"), and also tried using the notebook name with the space removed, but neither of these worked. So maybe there's no way at the moment.

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Thanks jefito. I also tried replacing the spaces with %20 (I didn't have much hope, but ....) - that didn't work either. Maybe I'll just have to change the names of my notebooks (and tags) to not have spaces - I can use underscores or hyphens I guess. Too bad - it will be a little bit of an annoyance.


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So just to be clear: there is no way to email to a note book with spaces in the name?

Because if there is and the answer isn't here I desperately need it.

And if there's no way, I'd like to see it submitted as either a bug or a feature request.

I'm working with a shared notebook created by someone else and I have no control over the name of the notebook. At the moment I laboriously copy and paste the content of my emails into the notebook. For some reason C&P does not transfer over the images inline, so my workflow goes like this:

Copy some commentary text from Mail and paste it into Evernote.

Copy the accompanying image and paste it.

Copy the next commentary text and paste it.

Copy the next image and paste it.

Repeat as necessary.

(This is on Mac OS 10.6 using Mail 4.5)

This is needless to say very annoying. If I could just Cc: the email to the notebook my workflow would be much easier.

So a definitive answer to this would be great.


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This works but you have to have the notebook at the END of the mail subject. e.g. I have a "To Fix" notebook. Subject of "...@to fix" directs email to evernote to that notebook (notebook and tags in email subject are not case sensitive).

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Ummm. I don't think you can send an email to a linked notebook via your evernote email address. It would have to be via the sharing users email address (which can open up a pretty big security hole).

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