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  1. Hi GrumpyMonkey. Thanks for the response - especially for the headsup about the iPad! So if there is no wifi connection, Penultimate will not continue to attempt to sync to Evernote automatically? This is the thread I was referring to (as you can see, it's about 18 months old). Thanks! Frank
  2. Hi. I am about to buy a new iPad Air and want to set up a system where I can take handwritten notes in meetings and: 1. have them exported to Evernote 2. allow me to search through those notes from within Evernote. I'm looking at Penultimate mainly, but have a question about syncing. I have seen something in the forums about problems with automatic syncing, but the threads were fairly old. Here's the issue - I want to take the handwritten notes in an iPad app while I'm not connected to wifi - but then later in the day (when I am connected to wifi) sync those notes to Evernote. And then have them be searchable in Evernote. Is this a problem with Penultimate. I saw an earlier thread that was complaining about problems with automatic syncing when there was no wifi available - is this still a problem? And if so, is there a better handwriting app that would allow me to do what I want? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. I really appreciate it. Frank
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