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(Archived) New feature request - Auto delete option on notes

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Evernote peeps,

Just a thought, but for future versions, it would be very nice to have an auto delete feature based on date. Against a note, to be able to select a date and when the date is reached, the note is deleted. Some notes you only need to keep for a while (copy of email receipts, payment receipts which are really only valid for a year, copies of contracts only valid for a year, etc) - good to have them auto archive.

Keeps our note collections nice and tidy, and keeps your disk a little less full

what do you think?!?


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Since EN's stance is to never change or lose your data, I would guess an auto delete simply won't happen.

rather an auto-delete, how about an alarm?

OR...you could us a tag, say, "Temporary" that you assign to notes you'll want to purge later & add the date it's ok to delete in the title. Periodially, search on the tag "Temporary", check the dates & manually delete. There are several ways to implement this currently. IE, put the delete date in YYYYMMDD format & if you are ready to delete notes that were ok to delete in October 2010, search on:

201010 tag:"temporary"

And all the notes would be displayed. Or you could use the date created attribute. Due dates will be implemented in the future & would be another field that could be used in this regard.

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If you wanted to find all of the notes that are more than 365 days old, you could search for this:


If you saved this to a Saved Search, you could run it whenever you want to see a list of all such notes.

Then you can select them all and delete them if you like.

I think that such a saved search would be preferable to any automated "deleter" to avoid catastrophic accidents.

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Auto-delete would require some form of up-front processing on the part of the user, who has to decide a year before the note goes away wether he'll want the note to auto-delete. I'd say it's safest to tag notes you think are disposable and view them in tag view every so often sorted by date created.

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