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  1. First of all, I am going to start by saying I used to LOVE evernote. I have used it since it first appeared (oh so many years ago), have always been a PRO user, have a few thousand notes in 60 or so notebooks. Recently, I have found myself using Evernote less and less, and I thought I would provide feedback to Evenote in case it helps them in the future. These are the reasons why I am starting to STOP using evernote (and will most likely move my notes elsewhere in the near future and cancel my service): 1) The web login screen. I find the full screen animation really annoying - its massive bandwidth, does nothing to tell new users what Evernote is, makes it hard to see what I am doing - clean is simple. IF I wanted to see a movie, I would go to a cinema. 2) I am a user, I dont want to hunt for a LOGIN button every time. The initial prompts l(user ID and pasword) make it look like a login, but its a signup form. It used to be signin form, and "New User?" link. Hate I am less important that a new user 3) Everything is SOooooo slow now. After I logged in on the web, it took 26 seconds to load up my Evernote page. A sync on Evernote GUI app took 59 seconds. My web acess here is 80mb (fiber) so my internet is not the problem. Its really annoying to wait so long to do anything 4) The Windows GUI is awful. It has been awful since you got rid of the old interface and went to the flat look a couple of years back. Its hard to find anything (unclear where you should be looking), its full of useless information (those tiles of unuseful information) and the scroll bars are a joke - so thin you cant actually use them and the display of where you are in the scroll bar is very light grey on silver. Awful, awful, awful 5) The Windows GUI and the web interface of notebooks does not remember when folders are closed - I have folders in folders in folders - and every time I have to manual close them all again to see what I am doing. It used to remember. 6) The searching in the web version of Evernote is awful. So as an example - I have in my many notebooks, a notebook called "SQL Server", so I quick the notebooks icon, and it lists my notebooks, I go down to SQL Server, have a look around, need to find a note in SQL... there is no search facility other than the search icon on the tool panel on the left. I click it - where does it search? EVERYWHERE. Oh, there is a pull down of where to search, so I use the pulldown and there are two options down... ALL notebooks or my last recent notebook... which is not SQL. There is no way (or no clear way) of searching within a specific notebook. Evernote used to be about quick access, easy to save notes, and most importantly, easy to find notes. It now seems more about functions we dont need (does anybody actually use the evernote chat???) and finding some quickly is a nightmare. Its more an un-productivity tool. Please, stop trying to be clever - stop trying to add new features, stop trying to 'out feature' the other tools out there. Get back to basics - be quick, useable, the best note store and pickup facility you can be. Please! (I will be adding to this as I think of more things)
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