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  1. I don't understand why they made the change to have EN open at the new item page. Most of the time I want to edit existing notes. I have been using EN for 14 years and most of the changes they make are improvements but some, like this one, unfortunately are not.
  2. Ditto. I am pleasantly pleased as well. They fixed bugs in the Android app where it would sometime lose the entire body of the first note I wrote in the morning just when I am jotting down a brainstorm.
  3. Hello, Agree! Tags are much easier to use. Took me awhile to realize notebooks and stacks in Evernote do not work like the folder/sub-folder structure does in PC's. I will still use them but I am adding tags to my organization as well..
  4. I reinstalled to address a different issue now I can't login with username/password or google. Have a support ticket in.
  5. Hello, I logged out, reinstalled to resolve a different issue now I cannot log back into my paid account on Android. I have submitted a support ticket. Tim
  6. @gazumped How are you. I don't mind paying more if it works but I hate this intermittent *****. It was working fine. They need to fix the synching then add all of these bells and whistles. I've said that before and I'll say it again.
  7. Hello, Here we go again with EN issues. I entered a new note on my Android phone and it looked fine. Then went to my desktop and it was blank. Looked back on my phone and it was blank there too. Chat support is currently offline due to the volume of requests. Note the price of EN is going up. @PinkElephantHow are you?
  8. @PinkElephantConsider this reason for why I believe it is saving to the server. When I open a very small note I see "saving..." then "All changes saved" sometimes it is in a blink but sometimes it takes like 10 seconds. BTW much better than about a week ago! I believe it is saving to the server because of the amount it takes to save these small notes and the time varies randomly. Just an observation.
  9. Hello, I'm a long time user of EN as many of you. Quite honestly EN is the most bug ridden application that I pay for and I'm very unhappy. But they have fixed some of the synch problems I was experiencing. I submitted a support ticket for slow notes opening and to their credit they responded promptly. A ticket is truly the best way to tell them how much pain you're feeling. Just my 2 cents.
  10. @agsteele v10.58.3 is not available to everyone. My EN app says 10.57.10 is the latest. Thoughts please?
  11. We all feel your pain. See previous posts in this discussion group.
  12. Support says the bottom opening notes problem is a separate bug they are also working.
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