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  1. On Win10 I haven't had the issue on awhile but then I don't leave it open for long periods of time anymore.
  2. There is no excuse for a bug that affects so many users to exist this long. Trapping an error should be done by the developers not the users.
  3. It's definitely not a new vs old hardware issue. The problem occurs on my new XPS and my old desktop. EN won't care until they stop getting paid!
  4. I spoke too soon. After doing a search and voila the blank screen returned. EN developers, are you listening? EN management, are you listening? EN anybody are you listening?
  5. No problems for about 4 days with 10.8.4 on Win10 on both the new laptop and the old desktop. Something is different. Fact others are still experiencing problems means the bug is still there.
  6. New behavior this time on the new laptop. Put it to sleep with EN displayed. Woke it up and the note window was frozen NOT blank! I could still open up notes in separate windows. Then the cursor went to a little hand, like in a web browser. Then after minimizing and maximizing the app voila! it began working! Hope this helps.
  7. I have the problem on my desktop, which is older, but not my new Dell XPS 15. I can put it to sleep and wake it up, no problem at all. But the desktop behavior is similar to what is described in the quoted. The legacy version works fine but the editor stinks.
  8. All was going well for a few days, until I entered search mode. Then the blank window problem showed up! Instead of working on my proposal due next week I am once again telling EN that this software, which I pay for, sucks!! As another user stated when this problem occurs ALL of the windows are BLANK. How much information do the developers need to identify this problem? I know modern software is not simple FORTRAN like back in the day but this is ridiculous! It appears that EN only listens to the footsteps of the customers walking away. Suggestion. Fix the software before adding more bells and whistles. Evernote 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321)Editor: v117.1.15008Service: v1.27.2
  9. Not bragging but been lucky...no problem for several days running on Win 10.
  10. Austin, Thank you for your response. I'm not the only one tired of paying for this product with all the bugs. Does EN really give a damn about the customer? Tim
  11. V10.7.6 The window controls are not showing up on the main window but individual notes do have the controls. Is this a feature?
  12. I have been experiencing the blank notes problem using version 10.6.9 but the legacy version works fine. Why can't the software developers fix these bugs??
  13. Hello, I have used Evernote for 4 years. I have just lived with this problem but this is ridiculous. Most of these posts are over two years old and the text formatting in Evernote (Premium) is still terrible. I'm not talking about between apps but the format of text changes when I cut and paste text within the same note. Why???
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