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Links to Outside Documents Broken (Hookmark)

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I have used Hookmark extensively to link to files outside of Evernote. The links have worked perfectly until about two weeks ago. Now, when I click on the links, they do not do anything. If I use the dropdown and click on "Open" they do not open. I've copied the links into other applications and they work, so the issue is with Evernote.

I am using version 10.80.3 of Evernote.

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OP, I share your frustration. This bug has forced me to use Apple Notes entirely since I'm depended on my outgoing HookMark and DEVONthink links. This bug have been going on for weeks now, and every 3-4 day there has been a new Evernote update, but without fixing this crucial bugs. It's an easy fix, yet despite addressing it to customer support, nothing happens. This is how Evernote treat their Premium-100+dollars-paying-customers. 

See also these threads regarding the issue:

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