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I'm trying to search one of my notebooks and I just got an error:

Permissions lost

You no longer have access to the <My Notebook> notebook.

I checked updates, I'm on the latest version 10.59.5.

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Latest version is 10.78.2 so it looks like something is stuck updating. 

Go to the evernote download page to install the latest version. 

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Thanks Jon. I was wondering why there weren't any updates given that I hadn't used my Mac in a while. Looks like something has broken. I guess I'll re-install and see how it goes.

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I've tried that. Restarted the computer, you name it. Something is stuck somewhere.

Re-installed, let's see if it detects updates now. At least I see the new interface now.

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If the client shows deficiencies without a cure on the Mac, the sure way to solve them is to uninstall the client using the app AppCleaner.

It will remove all parts of the prior install. Then restart the Mac, and reinstall from the EN website.

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