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Can no longer attach images or open/view certain notes

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Since this morning, I can no longer:

  1. open certain frequently-used notes, which aren't particularly heavy or full of links and images. They're basically just text.
  2. attach images via the EN helper "screen-shot/screen-cropper" function, which I use a lot. EN will spend about a minute buffering (or whatever the little rotating circle is in the middle of the screen, telling me "one moment while we attach your file"), and then I get an error message saying "Something went wrong when adding your attachment. Please try again." Obviously, "trying again" yields the same lack of results.

(I have looked through the forums using various keywords, but haven't found anything describing what I'm experiencing.)

I uninstalled EN completely and reinstalled it, and I'm still having those same problems.

Is anyone else having them? Perhaps I need to do a clean?

Many thanks

Edited to add: As of now, I can't create a new note, either.

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Hi.  Are you at home? At work? Using VPN? - Seems like 1% or so of Evernote users either decided to export their notes to transfer to a third party,  or upgraded to v10 - which on a desktop involves downloading a new copy of the account to local storage.  Either way I have the impression that servers are busy!

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Thanks for answering, @gazumped.

I'm at home, on a normal Wifi network, on a Macbook Air, and using v.10.78.2. In the meantime, I was away from EN for about an hour...I've just gone back to it, and things seem to be working again (whereas they noticeably weren't before), so maybe it was just a server issue, yes.

All good now — thanks again 🙂

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