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  1. MattSM's post in Very laggy after most recent update (29 Nov 2023) was marked as the answer   
    Thank you, PinkElephant.
    I'll follow your advice on the forum thread regarding laggy EN on Windows (AppCleaner, Uninstall, Re-download), and see if it works. Will report back here via edit of this comment.
    Thanks again — I had to reapply my personal settings/views/sort options, but other than that, it worked a charm. Steps I took:
    > Downloaded AppCleaner and used that to uninstall Evernote.
    > Shut down Mac completely.
    > Restarted Mac; went to EN website and re-downloaded/reinstalled latest EN
    >> Keyboard and trackpad reactivity are now back to normal 🎉
    I'm marking @Boot17's answer above as the solution for this thread specifically, but the original suggestion in the link provided is from @PinkElephant. Thank you both.
  2. MattSM's post in Possible Web Clipper issue? was marked as the answer   
    Ab👏so👏lute👏ly perfect
    It was the "Screen Recording" option. I wasn't even aware of this option, but somehow over the past couple of days, it became unclicked.
    Thank you so much!
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