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Please support RAG then Evernote can beat everything else. Asked, now ask again.



Evernote has my knowledge collections already. You tried to support AI search that's good but is not RAG yet. 

You don't need to vectorzie all pages I have. Only a check box to click or a button to press to make the page RAG'ed. 

Then I can talk to my whole knowledge! Are you not doing this yet? Hurry up!!!! 

Because I am leaving Evernote to where RAG exists with my data. I have to although I don't want to. 

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In fairness, maybe those on the Evernote AI team would understand this, but they need to see it first.  It is doubtful they are crawling through the user forum.

@hcchen5600 this is mainly a users forum.  Suggestions are best sent to feedback@evernote.com 


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