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  1. @gazumped thank you very much. Disable Sync works! And also another very annoying Evernote statue "Not responding" seems has gone as well. This issue is therefore CLOSED , thank you all.
  2. No such problem at this moment as I have just tried. Close this issue with assuming it was fixed already.
  3. @dconnet thank you, your info is very close. But I don't understand the instructions after "To resolve the issue, clear the cached certificates:" because they look like Linux commands but the computer is running Windows 10.
  4. @Austin G Thank you. I tried Evernote Web on IE when in my office (after company network) and of course it did not work and the screen capture is here FYR. The annoying popup is the problem, my company network blocks Evernote and Evernote Web is not a problem. Does Evernote have an offline mode? That probably is the answer for another Evernote problem - it is very very easily "Not responding" with the message shown or not shown.
  5. Thank you very much. I have clicked the [View Certificate] and then the only thing I can further do is to click the [Install Certificate...] button, I have done this for many many times. The annoying popup is still keep coming again and again very frequently. See screen captures below.
  6. Hello, Evernote keeps poping up a "Security Alert" warning box when in my company's network. How to stop it? Can't sync I understand, but the annoying warning box is totally bothering. Please find the attachments of the log file and the screen capture. Best regards, H.C. Chen Taipei, Taiwan Evernote_6.4.2.3788_20170117.zip
  7. Hello, Evernote Web can't do the seach correctly. Only one result shown while there should be many. See the screen capture. 2017/1/18 , Chrome Browser v55, in China, Is this again caused by China communist government's censorship or a bug actually? HCChen
  8. [ Closed ] Problem has resolved Switch the browser to full screen and a small [skip] will appear at the lower - right corner. That's it. I do believe Evernote can be that stupid because of the poor quality and the "not responding' always. How ever, this problem is resolved. Thanks!
  9. Is this my problem or evernote's yet another strange policy? See the attached screen capture. I can't find any click to remove the stupid "Welcome to Evernote" block unless [Create an Account] or sign-in. For those who don't want to create an account nor have one to sign in they are NOT WELCOME to view my note.
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