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  1. In EN10 date columns (created/updated) show dates written out in full. EN6 had a better solution: numeric dates only. Much better for visualization and sorting, specially if the EN window is not maximized (or it is open on a vertical monitor) and columns are very narrow. Please consider the previous date display as default. Thank you. Milene
  2. Thank you @PinkElephant I currently have Legacy running. I understand that I have to uninstall Legacy first, then install Evernote 10 (teams account) and then reinstall Evernote legacy (private account). I'll try it.
  3. I have a Professional (private) account running in the Legacy version (Windows desktop - Evernote 6.25) Now my office subscribed to Evernote Teams and: 1. private and business accounts will run separately 2. in the office we will start Evernote Teams from scratch - no import from private accounts intended. My question: can I run my private account in Evernote Legacy and have my Teams account installed in the new Evernote 10? Thanks!
  4. Hi @Grinstead, I later updated the post you mentioned (Oct 20th). See further information here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/129055-the-new-evernote-10-version-list-of-missing-core-features/?do=findComment&comment=582526 It looks like MS revised its plans regarding the development of different versions of OneNote.
  5. I'm not a tech expert but see this: Most of these notes (scrambled paragraphs in EN10) are long and contain different pieces of text from different sources: some text I typed myself, some copied from Word, some from browser, some from OCR pdf... In EN6 I always use ctrl+shift+V (copy without format) and make sure that everything is uniform (tahoma 10, justified, for example). Perhaps some information from the original format remained somewhere and caused this mess in En10, although many of these notes are years old. Well, I am not able to say why this happened, just giving more information about. Important: I couldn`t identify a pattern, it all seemed random to me (apart from Sans Serif 16 as default font).
  6. Another: some horizontal lines disappeared (I use them a lot, I usually have long notes)
  7. @Dave-in-decatur I couln`t identify a systematic reformatting. Examples: Apart from Tahoma 10 > Sans Serif 16 (this seemed to be a uniform change), I noticed that many ocurrences of my original text in size 12 /14/16 changed to Serif 26 (converted to a header level, it seemed). Paragraphs: all paragraphs in the original text were justified > EN 10 changed paragraphs to centralized or left in the same text, for example: two first paragraphs justified, then one paragraph centralized, then justified again, then left alignment... Highlighted text from Webclipper disappeared sometimes (randomly again).
  8. Last week I installed EN10 but I reverted to EN6.x within a couple of hours. One of the scary changes: my Tahoma 10 notes were reformatted to Sans Serif 16. More specific formatting was gone or got scrambled. I panicked.
  9. how do I downgrade to from v 10? I am very upset by v 10. thanks

  10. Good news! I guess the negative feedback changed their mind. They plan premium features for Microsoft 365 subscribers in 2021. Here is the FAQ about OneNote https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/frequently-asked-questions-about-onenote-in-office-2019-and-microsoft-365-6582c7ae-2ec6-408d-8b7a-3ed71a3c2103 2025 seems to be the end date of extended support only, it does not mean it will discontinued (as implied before). The desktop version is bundled with Microsoft 365 subscriptions, while the Windows 10 app remains a free download. Whatever the life cycle of ON may be, one thing is certain: LOCAL notebooks work with the desktop version only. The windows app 10 saves all notebooks to the cloud. My ON is attached to a Microsoft 365 subscription, and it works fine. The mobile apps (Android smartphone/tablet) are really great. No problems with syncing. But, as I said somewhere else: I can't imagine managing +20k large notes in OneNote, as I do in EN6. I work in ON with shared business notebooks (once my part is over, the owner ceases sharing them with me, so the amount of information is temporary and easily manageable) but my "entire life" is in EN6. You just can't compare EN6 organization/search tools with ON, EN6 is much, much, much better.
  11. @lisec I am running the desktop app (OneNote 2016) and my export options are: Page - .one | .docx | .doc | .pdf | .xps | .mht Section - same formats as "page" above Notebook - .onepkg | .pdf | .xps | .mht You can still download OneNote 2016 and install it, but I am not sure if it opens a OneNote Windows 10 cloud database.
  12. @lisec and others, I checked it out: The desktop version (previous OneNote 2016) - which I use with Microsoft 365 subscription - ALLOWS local notebooks BUT this version will be discontinued in 2025. In the future it will be replaced by OneNote for Windows 10 (the stand-alone UWP app you mentioned), already available. This app is CLOUD ONLY (notebooks are stored in OneDrive). So, if local notebooks are crucial, ON is definetely not a long-term solution. See the story here (by the way, the ON community also criticized Microsoft a lot for killing the ON desktop, but to no avail): https://office-watch.com/2018/microsoft-kills-onenote-windows/ Hope it helps those looking around
  13. Well, this is a narrow conception of EN as a cross-platform cloud-based note editor - quite a commodity these days. Does the dev team share this opinion? A considerable amount of users (you may adjectivate them as you want) have been subscribing to the premium service for many years and using Evernote as a power PRODUCTIVITY TOOL. In this perspective, EN (up to v. 6.x) is matchless. That's why the new EN 10 - with so many long-established core features missing, slow navigation, and so on - delivers such a poor performance in the eyes of a relevant group of customers.
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