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  1. I cast my vote here, too. Please restore full functionality of Evernote Web Clipper in Chrome. Top priority: remarks field, folder search field.
  2. I second this request. The ability of adding notes on the clipper is an extremely useful feature and essential to my workflow. Please bring the notes field back!
  3. The silence from Evernote on this persistent issue is alarming. It makes me worry about the reliability of the program and their technical support. I just can't believe that no one from Evernote is monitoring this issue. Ok, let's imagine that they are working hard on a solution... they could at least say that they are TRYING to solve this problem (a basic principle from customer service). I'm a Premium user (since 2009) with thousands of notes, I depend upon Evernote. I wonder what would happen, should I face a REAL problem with my database, more serious than this annoying instability with Clipper. I feel hopeless and disappointed, since I see no alternative for Evernote, at least in my case (thousands of notes).
  4. It would be nice to hear from the Evernote team that they are AWARE of this issue and are working to solve it... Premium users (like me, since 2009), business users, free users, would be happy to have some feedback. Thanks.
  5. Reloading the page solves the problem most of times, true, but this is really "awkward" for a productivity software. Summer's solution hasn't worked for me, either. Apart from that, I've noticed that I have to log in the Web Clipper every time I restart my computer/browser, even after checking the box "remember me...". This is a new bug that has never happened before (I would be logged in continuously). Not a word from Evernote. I am grateful for the forum user's help.
  6. Same problem started about 3 days ago in two different computers. Error message: "Web Clipper couldn't start on this page..." I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Web Clipper Chrome Extension. I have logged in, but it still doesn't work. I couldn't find any help anywhere. Both computers: Windows 10, Chrome (all latest versions). It has never happened before. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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