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Telephone link "tel:12345678" does not seem to work in Evernote Desktop (Mac):

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This version is unsupported, and even if it outright fails, it fails. So let’s book this under „be happy as long as it’s only this that fails“.

If you want to use the describe working method, you need to employ the new version. Which wouldn’t be the worst decision, you will need to do it anyhow, one day …

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Just tried, and it works:

Add the phone number, select and copy it

Right click on the selected Phone number, from the dropdown menu choose „Add Link“.

Into the link field enter „tel:“ , and paste the copied phone number right behind it.

You now have a clickable telephone link that will place a call when clicked. In my case it opens Skype, but I think you could define any other app as standard phone app in MacOS / Finder settings.

An easier way is by a workaround: Acitvate the conversion of numbers in phone numbers in a mobile client. Add the number there, it will convert into a clickable / phoneable link. After it synced, the same link appears on the Mac client, and is clickable there as well.

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