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  1. I am designing a kind of a "database" in Evernote. I would love things to pop out more. If the background would have been light green and the fields containg the info would been white..... Something like that. Possibilites?
  2. Ok. Thanks. In order to restore a backup all there is to it I guess is to replace that folder with the backed up folder? I guess you meant it is not easy to extract single notes?
  3. Thanks! Found the same folder as I thought it was. So that is THE folder to backup right? All inn there?
  4. I found that folder under accounts in the Application Support. Is all data, including the notes inside that even important settings? (I have not scattered / stored local notes on different macs).... I guess this is the right folder? (the size is 700 MB) file:///Users/sm/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote I was not able to opion click for the info on "About Evernote"...... but the main thing is to know the excact location of the one important folder (to do a correct backup)?
  5. Thanks! Are everything one need to back up Evernote manually up one level (in one master folder)? Or are there plenty of settings files also that is needeed?
  6. Are the Evernote Mac files hard to find? Spread in many folders? I remember in Snow Leopard (good old days) with Evernote v 6 it was easy to find. I am now using Osx High Sierra with the latest Evernote. Where may I find all the folders for a manual backup? Or is that to hard?
  7. Anyone found any solutions? I have a pdf file which opens fine in Evernote with this file-path: file:///Applications/Utilities/System Information.app/Contents/Resources/ProductGuides/ENERGY STAR.pdf And this path does not work ("Evernote does not have permissions"): file:////Users/sm/OneDrive/Komme i gang med OneDrive.pdf
  8. Hi! :-) I am a KM fant too! Anyways not sure how to have the mac select other not so known Softphone apps (Ip) apps by default. The Facetime settings have no option for other than Zoom and Facetime on my Mac.
  9. Do you have internet access when trying to load the note? Hello and thanks. Heck no you are right. When I tried to read the note if was offline. I thought Evernote would download all the notes during syncing? Does it need additional downloading in order to see the details of the note? Strange......?
  10. On my Evernote app in Iphone I can see the note paritally (including eventual pictures) in the list of "All Notes". But when i click on the note in order to expand the view of the note and see the whole note in full, the window is empty (the content of the note now seems empty). This problem is only on the Iphone. I think I am using Evernote 4.0.3 on the Iphone 3GS.
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