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Hi.  I think the red banner is a warning that unless you update soon,  the date format may be the least of your worries. 

On that issue - have you had any contact with Support on it recently?  You'll remember that we're now dealing with new people,  and a new organisation in a new office.

3-year old tickets may not be a priority unless you made it one.

- What exactly is wrong with the dates anyway?  Date formats are supposed to follow your system settings.  If you want something else,  try a text-expander.  I need yyymmdd dates plus occasionally hh:mm times.  A keypress does either of those for me...

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Oh, the date formatting is a killer criteria for you.

Then very simple: It is YOUR problem, go and solve it. The verb „go“ can be seen as a description of your next best option.

Because the request was NEVER popular during the last 3 years, and the vast majority of users just take the system settings date as the way it should be. I  doubt it will now become urgent because you insist to stay on legacy until you got what you want.

It will not stop the hand that will eventually pull the plug of the legacy server connection. Which will leave you with a disfunctional client, nicely formatted.

So better get moving !

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20 minutes ago, GreenTea13 said:

What is THAT supposed to mean? Do I HAVE to update to the new version? I came here wanting to request the removal of that annoying red banner because I DO NOT want to update to the new Evernote since I hear nothing but bad about it. Do I HAVE to update it? What will happen if I don't update it?

What does the red banner literally say? If you have read it then you ought to know the answer to your question is yes - you need to update to continue using the service as the legacy version will soon (finally!) stop syncing. Better to do it now and try out 10 properly to see if it works for you, legacy it seems will be phased out fully soon. 

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17 minutes ago, GreenTea13 said:

What is THAT supposed to mean? Do I HAVE to update to the new version?

Yes, or move to a different app.  The red banner is a warning that the legacy app will stop working soon.

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Why should they do anything "drastic" ? They have nothing against any one user, and they take good care of users data, as they always did.

The issue on hand is that they introduced a completely new syncing method in Max 23. It is not compatible with the data structure of legacy. Up to now they maintain a conversion between the old and the new data structure. This has a cost for all users, in performance and reliability. So they will stop converting, which in turn means that legacy content is more or less gibberish for the new data structure.

This will disable syncing of the legacy clients. They can then disable the old databases on the server, running all clients on new data structures.

It's not drastic -just install v10, log in, and it connects to your data.

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2 hours ago, Flaviano said:

v6.25.1.9091 forever and ever!🤗

Good luck with that.  v10 has a new sync technology from Legacy and they are running both currently.  At some point, it is anticipated that Legacy, which hasn't been officially supported for several years now, will be turned off.

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