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Content from note has gone missing

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I use the Free version of Evernote Legacy on Windows 11. It also syncs with my iOS mobile device.

I have a particular note for To Do items, which I update on a daily basis. Today I noticed that all of my previous content was missing from that note. It opens as blank except for my most recent update.

Because I'm on Free version, I cannot check the "Note history" or contact support.

Would I be able to access the previous note history from locally saved files? I'm not sure how to access or open those. I'm also worried that the history has been saved over with the new shortened note.

I'm wondering if I should switch to an alternate note software because it can be very problematic to lose content.

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Hmm, I think your note is really lost 😞

Over 10 years of using Legacy I never had such a problem - except one case: I typed Ctrl-A and DEL  by accident and deleted the whole content of a note just before it was (automatically?) synced. So it was my fault 😡 - and my luck to have a history 👍

Even upgrading to a payed account will not help. History starts with the upgrade.

If you have exported your note(s) explicitely in the past, you may recover it by re-importing it. Recovering it from any local files is impossible because all notes are stored in a database of undisclosed format.

Losing content is worst case. That's one of the reasons, EN offers access to history. But this needs effort to implement and space on disk arrays... Don't know whether you find alternate note taking software that offers this (and that many other goodies) like EN for free.

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4 minutes ago, AlbertR said:

Even upgrading to a payed account will not help. History starts with the upgrade.

This is not correct, actually. As I understand it, history is maintained for all accounts, including free. Accessing it requires a subscription. You can subscribe for one month, access the note's history, then drop back to Free.

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Correct, note history is running for all accounts, all of the time (haven‘t tried with RTE, but I don‘t think this has changed).

There are 2 important things, however:

A duplicated or copied note will NOT carry the note information of the donor note.

Note history is erased once a note is permanently deleted. A note can be reactivated from the Trash, including its note history. But when a note is deleted from the trash (individually or by emptying the whole trash), note history will go with it. This is not recoverable.

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