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I need something with a bookmarklet

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Evernote used to have a bookmarklet but now they don't.  I don't want to install their privacy invading tracker on my web browser to clip web pages.  Does anyone know of a service to migrate to that doesn't require a tracker on your browser?

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Hi.  I don't remember Evernote ever having a 'bookmarklet' - what do you remember it doing?  And why do you imagine Clipper is 'privacy invading'?  It's something that -at your specific request - will copy some details of a web page into your Evernote database.  Evernote don't monitor page visits or sell your activity elsewhere...

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Any browser extension that requires what Firefox calls the "Access your data for all websites" permission (other browsers have a similar permission) has the ability to track your browsing habits. The Evernote Web Clipper requires that permission, as would any full-featured clipping or bookmarking extension. Based on Evernote's reputation, I am willing to trust them to not write an extension that would abuse this permission and track me on sites / pages that I don't tell the extension to clip or bookmark. I could change my mind on that, but I would need specific evidence that they abuse this permission. @Everuser1234 do you have any evidence that the extension is monitoring your browsing even when you aren't using it to bookmark a page? Have you tried disabling it, then when you actually want a bookmarklet, briefly re-enabling it again?

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