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When I search for a record I get the overlay that says "you don't have permissions for Tb Master database" (which is my master database) I close the notification and on the second try, it acts correctly. What is this?

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2 hours ago, tombran44 said:

What is this?

If you're posting in the right forum it's a sign that your deprecated and no longer supported app is having an issue..  have you looked at Evernote v10 recently?

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I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions however I still don't have a solution to the problem.

I'm on a desktop Mac Mini OS version 13.5.2 I'm told by Mac that it is the latest version for my device

Evernote, when looking for an upgrade is telling me that ver. 10.59.5 is the latest available.

Beyond this I'm not sure what to do. Legacy forum? I don't know anything about that either.

When I go to the Evernote help page, this is where I'm directed 

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