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  1. Evernote keeps adding formatting after I make an entry. It turns account numbers into telephone numbers Example, In a note I input: 0619 193.67 0555 193.67 2081 193.64 Evernote changes this to: 0619 193.67 0555 193.67 2081 193.64 And not right away. It is as inputted, but the next time I go to the note... there it is. There must be a way to stop this right?
  2. Thank you Guru, and here's perhaps an easy one. Been on airplanes this week dealing with the annoying pop up that says "Can't sync" every 30 seconds. I'm in airplane mode, still get the notice every 30 secs. Couldn't find anything in the help file, but to be fair the wifi on the plane is tragic. Then when I get off and back into service of course the can't sync notice goes away. Aaa, what do you think? Thx
  3. So, it's been almost a month. Is it safe to update to high sierra and iOS 11 yet.
  4. So, it's been almost a month. Is it safe to update to high sierra and iOS 11 yet.
  5. So, I'm confused. Evernote is central to my day, every day. I'm on 8.4.1 on my ipad seems like I should wait to go to iOS 11.0.3 right?
  6. How do I, can I assign a tag to a note on my iPad? When I create a note on my iPhone or iPad I can't seem to be able to add a tag to that note.
  7. Thank you for your response. I did export my contacts as a vcard file. Reality is that by the time I manage the reformatting into Evernote and fix the pblms I've decided to just cut and paste the data.
  8. Hi again, wondering if there is a way to import contacts from my iPhone into Evernote as individual notes. My phone contacts are uploaded automatically to iCloud, so I guess my question is also canI import contacts from ICloud? I've set up a large database in Evernote which I'm liking a lot. Want to incorporate my iPhone contacts then discontinue contacts in the phone and other iOS devices.
  9. Shouldn't the whole account sync together manually or not? Like I said before, I was working on the PC and added some shortcuts there and they didn't sync to the Mac either
  10. Not home but I'll check the "remove from shortcuts" vs delete I don't remember that as an option. I have been manually syncing and I rebooted and cleared the cache on the Mac
  11. I right clicked the shortcut, I chose delete and then it didn't Thanks, I'll check the preferences but I think they're correct. I just added a few shortcuts on the Mac and they didn't sync to the PC
  12. Again, I'm a new user and have made the commitment to transition all my data to Evernote. In doing so, a couple of problems. I took one of my tags and put it in the shortcut list on the Mac. I changed my mind and it can't be removed. I went on my PC and removed it with no problem. So, do we have PC vs Mac issues? All day yesterday I worked on the PC and now I find only "some" of the changes sync with the Mac. Also I activated Web Clipper on the Mac and it say it clipped some stuff, but it's nowhere on my computer. Do I have to be using the web browser version of Evernote to use this feature? The PC is a Dell desktop running Win 7 Professional and the MacBook Pro is running Sierra 10.12.3 Thanks so much for your help. tombran.hml@gmail.com
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