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Now, as Evernote is an European company and is also going to locate its headquarters to Italy, are there any plans to migrate the data from the US Google Cloud to European data centers?

This would increase privacy and would made the use for European companies much easier.



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19 minutes ago, evernote-fan said:

This would increase privacy and would made the use for European companies much easier.

Hi.  No increase is necessary or possible - Evernote is already GDPR compliant.  Google has data centres worldwide and Evernote is the largest repository of private information in the world.

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Thank you. Actually, it makes a difference in European Privacy law where the data is stored. If you transfer data outside the EU, you must comply with articles 44 seq. GDPR. As the Standard Contractual Clauses are not sufficient without E2E-encryption, the only way it the new Privacy Framework. But AFAIK, EN doesn’t yet participate in it. And even if that changes, privacy professionals think that the ECJ will also find that the new Privacy Framework is not appropriate for the GDRP. So European Data Centers would be good.

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I should have said 'alleged to be' or added some qualifier - this was something I read a few years ago when Evernote was at peak popularity.  There was an article about the (then) plan to transfer everything from Evernote's own in-house server farm(s?) to Google - which I can't locate easily right now - but as part of the difficulty of the transfer it was stressed that with (allegedly) around 250 million users saving their personal and business data - even allowing for duplicated and unused accounts - they were dealing with a good chunk of Exabytes of data.

Bearing in mind that (AFAIK) few people actively delete their accounts,  and most seem to leave their content online and those active users like me get up to 30GB of storage after 15+ years...

Evernote are unlikely to release enough information for anyone to work out accurate numbers,  but it seems pretty clear they have a LOT of data in storage.  The 'largest repository' comment (or something very similar) was in that article.

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