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  1. Looks like it got fixed with the login bug. Back to normal now.
  2. Evernote Clipper has stopped working in Safari 11 on the Mac. (Actually it's v. 11.1) I click the Clipper button and nothing happens. I've had to switch to Chrome to make it work but much prefer to use Safari. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  3. Similar problem here. Getting constant duplicate notes. I’m using Safari on iPhone 6 and iPad Pro, just upgraded to iOS 11. When I’m in Safari and use “Send To” to send an article into Evernote, I get 2 of the same note. Just started happening about 2 months ago. Anybody have a fix for this? (Other than the usual comments about using another tool.)
  4. Not sure if others will find this helpful, but I have Evernote (desktop version) on my Mac and I can log in and out of it each time I use it. In the top menu, I click "Evernote" and then "Sign Out." Voila. Now no one can see any of my notebooks on my desktop. (I think this is what DTLow was referring to in this thread.) Seems like this would work fine for a multi-user computer, though not for someone who needs to lock only certain notebooks. FWIW, I'm a Premium user at the moment. Hopefully this feature is available to all (especially since I'm probably not going to renew my Premium
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