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  1. Same problem. I open a note to edit it, but it says “View Only.” I have to reboot Evernote each time. I’m running the latest Evernote on the beta of iOS 15, so it may be related to the new iOS.
  2. Thanks for the Apple summary. Very interesting. I just took a quick look as well, and I must say it’s very intriguing. I wonder if Apple Notes will have anything similar to Evernote‘s ability to clip articles from the web. That’s my primary use case for Evernote. (Which sadly isn’t working as well after the update.) And shortcuts, the ability to quickly pull up certain notes. Looking forward to trying out the new Notes in the fall. Maybe with Apple’s addition of tags functionality, I’ll be able to export my Evernote files into Notes without losing my tags. (I currently can’t figure out how to do this.)
  3. I watched some of it but don’t recall anything that resembled Evernote functionality. What did I miss?
  4. I just uninstalled then reinstalled the app. I can now clip notes from Safari again.
  5. I recently updated to Evernote 10.9 on my iPhone XS, running the latest iOS. Since updating, I can no longer clip anything from Safari into Evernote. It tells me I have clipped the article, but when I open Evernote, it’s not there. Shutting down Evernote and restarting it has no effect.
  6. Got a response from EN. They strongly suggest that I wait to upgrade until after my annual Plus subscription expires. (The app says it will expire on “invalid date,” so who knows.) And they said EN Web doesn’t work on mobile devices. So that was my adventure trying to upgrade to Premium.
  7. Thanks. It’s 3302578. I’ve requested a refund from Apple. And if I ever do decide to try to upgrade again, I’ll know to avoid doing it through the app. That’s assuming I’ll have access via the web again, which is also now broken for some reason. I’m a fan of Evernote, but this has been not been a good experience. To put it mildly.
  8. No thanks for the oozing condescension. The payment went through. The upgrade did not. If Evernote can’t handle Plus subscribers upgrading through the app, they might consider modifying the big “Upgrade!” links at the top of the screen that lead you to do just that.
  9. I just ran into the same problem. Upgraded to premium (from plus) via the iPhone app today. Got the confirmation email from Apple. No upgrade in the Evernote app, even after going through all the recommended steps. And now I can’t log in on the web at all. EN no longer recognizes my email address for login. 😞 I’ve sent an email to EN support. What a mess. I can’t recommend that anyone upgrade at this point.
  10. What is the scratch pad for? Is it essentially a new note? Do any of you use it, and if so, how?
  11. Well, it worked fine before the Evernote overhaul. Now it doesn’t. So I suspect Evernote broke something, and hopefully Evernote can fix it.
  12. @PinkElephant Thanks. Evernote calls it a “web clip.” Whatever it is, it’s much buggier than it used to be, which is unfortunate since it’s my primary use case for Evernote. I would much prefer not to have to go the PDF route, especially since they’re not searchable with my subscription plan. If that’s the only solution, I’d be better off just using Dropbox.
  13. I’m getting some blank clips. The title, tags, and URL come through, and the note’s thumbnail appears normal (includes a picture and opening lines from the article clipped). But the note just contains an empty “Web Clip” frame. Try clipping https://opusdei.org/en-us/article/5-remedies-against-sadness/ for an example. I’m running Evernote 10.5 on an iPhone XS, iOS 14.5. If no one else is seeing this problem, it may be because I’m running the beta version of 14.5.
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