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  1. Well, it worked fine before the Evernote overhaul. Now it doesn’t. So I suspect Evernote broke something, and hopefully Evernote can fix it.
  2. @PinkElephant Thanks. Evernote calls it a “web clip.” Whatever it is, it’s much buggier than it used to be, which is unfortunate since it’s my primary use case for Evernote. I would much prefer not to have to go the PDF route, especially since they’re not searchable with my subscription plan. If that’s the only solution, I’d be better off just using Dropbox.
  3. I’m getting some blank clips. The title, tags, and URL come through, and the note’s thumbnail appears normal (includes a picture and opening lines from the article clipped). But the note just contains an empty “Web Clip” frame. Try clipping https://opusdei.org/en-us/article/5-remedies-against-sadness/ for an example. I’m running Evernote 10.5 on an iPhone XS, iOS 14.5. If no one else is seeing this problem, it may be because I’m running the beta version of 14.5.
  4. Never mind. For some reason Evernote wasn’t showing up as updatable on my phone. When I went to the app listing in the App Store, I discovered I wasn’t running the latest version after all. Just updated it, and it appears to be working now. Thanks.
  5. When I clip articles to EN from iOS, I always assign tags to the article. With the current version of EN, those tags may or may not sync back to EN. I always have to check. Sometimes only one tag comes through; sometimes no tags come through. I haven’t found a repeatable pattern. Using Safari on iPhone XS, latest version.
  6. I have this problem every time I try to clip something from the Wall Street Journal. At least it’s consistent. Could it be because of the subscriber paywall? (I’m a subscriber and am logged in when I try to clip something.) Using Safari on an iPhone XS, latest iOS.
  7. Actually, it also doesn’t work when I try to add a photo from my photo library. Basically, any time I try to send/clip something from elsewhere to Evernote, it doesn’t go through. Which is unfortunately my main use case for this app.
  8. No, on my phone it does not create a new note. It creates nothing. I’m using version 10.2. My iPad is using 10.0, and that works. I can clip pages, and they sync to my phone. So something broke in 10.2. Taking a screenshot and converting it to a PDF would not work for me; most of the things I clip are far too long for that.
  9. When I try to clip a page from Safari on my iPhone (XS, running latest iOS), I get all the prompts and add tags, then save. When I check the Evernote app (again iOS), the new clip isn’t there. Even after forcing a sync, the clip doesn’t appear. I’ve tried multiple clips; nothing.
  10. The ability to add tags again is good. Unfortunately, the clipper itself no longer works at all in iOS. I get a cheerful message in Safari saying the clip was successful, but when I try to find the new clip in Evernote, it’s not there.
  11. Looks like it got fixed with the login bug. Back to normal now.
  12. Evernote Clipper has stopped working in Safari 11 on the Mac. (Actually it's v. 11.1) I click the Clipper button and nothing happens. I've had to switch to Chrome to make it work but much prefer to use Safari. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  13. Similar problem here. Getting constant duplicate notes. I’m using Safari on iPhone 6 and iPad Pro, just upgraded to iOS 11. When I’m in Safari and use “Send To” to send an article into Evernote, I get 2 of the same note. Just started happening about 2 months ago. Anybody have a fix for this? (Other than the usual comments about using another tool.)
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