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New 2 factor authentification process

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I got an email from Evernote that they will not be sending otp by message during login to our accounts to avoid insecurity to our accounts. What is the new 2 factor authentication process for logging in. And how can I log in using back up codes. Where can I access back up code in my Evernote account?

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You need to get an authenticator app, like Google authenticator, Microsoft a. or (my choice) Authy. EN says Google a., but most others will work.

The backup codes are generated when setting up the app. Print them and store them - as long as the app is working, you won’t need them. Don’t put them into your EN account - if you need them, you can’t go there.


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If it helps make this less stressful, believe me, I'm no computer whiz and I didn't have any trouble setting up the authenticator.  I found the article published by Evernote that Pink Elephant offered the link to in his response to be pretty clear.  Also, there are tons of videos about how to set up authenticator apps on You Tube.  You will see the codes that Pink is referring to when you go through the setup. 


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@Ahmed S Backup codes are generated from within the Evernote security page.

From the Evernote settings:




In my case, I've already generated a list of four backup codes, so I can view them and/or generate a new list of four backup codes.

Backups codes are useful in the advent that I don't have access to my authenticator app. I can then use a backup code instead which buys me time to set up a different authenticator app if I'm unable to gain access to the one I had set up prior.

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Hi @Boot17 I am trying to generate backup codes for my Evernote app, but when I go to Security summary and put password and Authencitator code, this page is displayed and I can't see or generate backup codes. I have attached the page displayed here. Kindly guide.


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I'm not sure -- it's working for me from my mobile. I'd try a different device and/or internet connection to see if you can get through and troubleshoot it.

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