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I use Evernote on various devices, predominantly iOS and Windows, and mainly to manage and search through my collection of images.

However, I've recently encountered an issue where many images within my notes have disappeared from the Windows app (version 10.59.5), even though they remain visible in the iOS app. I've yet to work out, how to get the images back into my desktop enviroment, without resorting to 'restoring' the note - which is not ideal in this case, as the note is still "complete" in the iOS app. 

While struggling with this issue I've also noticed inconsistent syncing across my devices. It strikes me as odd if synchronization problems should to lead to the vanishing of images from existing notes, but maybe this has something to do with the images disappearing? 

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

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2 hours ago, gazumped said:

but there is a new version 10.60 available from Evernote.com which may help.

Saw this effect before and with EN10.60. Sometimes embedded images were simply lost - until the note has beed synced completely. In all cases, images re-appeared some times later. Support is aware of this...

It's a mess that EN10 has no "sync-completely-done" indicator (and shows up incomplete notes). If a note cannot be displayed completely (or even is displayed "blank" (without any content as described in other thread), there should be at least a temporary warning about this...

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What happens when being on the note with a missing image you press ctrl/cmd-R ?

This should force a reload of the note from the server, and most likely (I am no dev, but I assume …) a full download of the content. Can’t damage anything, maybe worth a try.

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