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Calendar - Microsoft Office 365/Outlook and Apple iCal integration

Jun Macarambon


I think this feature request been for many years. I also ask this last 2021.  In some post in this forum last year it was in Beta testing.

Any updates on this feature? maybe we can help for beta testing.

Will evernote push for this feature for us premium subscriber?

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Couldn’t have been asked for many years, since the Google calendar sync hasn’t been around for many years.

Outlook is presumably still in beta, iCal is not even in beta. I assume there are currently more pressing problems than adding yet another feature.

So it will probably still take a while.

Meanwhile you can sync most calendars with a Google calendar, and sync this with EN.

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Actually the beta for Outlook calendar has been cancelled. A third party API tool was being used and created too many problems. I understand that a switch is being made to use the Microsoft API and that something will return in the next few months.

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Meanwhile, after growing tired of waiting for Outlook integration, I found Calendarbridge, which I recommend.   You have to be willing to spend a few dollars a month, though.   It was very easy to set up and syncs my Outlook and Google calendars flawlessly.  Then the Goggle calendar integration gets my appointments into Evernote, where I've found linking meeting note to calendar events is a very useful feature.

There is also a free alternative to Calendarbridge that I tried briefly, but setting up was more like coding than the easy UI in Calendarbridge.  But, if you are comfortable with a more geeky UI, you could have something for free.  (Sorry, I don't have the name handy - a little Google-foo should produce it, though.)

And - bonus - I found a like Google Calendar much more than Outlook's calendar.  So, now I use Outlook only for my consulting appointments which I'm stuck with because that's where most of my cleints are.  I keep all of my other stuff in Google calendar and it gives me a consolidated view of everything.  I've been doing this for a couple of months and I >still< get a smile once or twice a day when I experience how well it works!  Well worth what I'm paying!



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