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I do not trust Evernote anymore ! Update Issues, Loss of notes/tasks and Syncing not working

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Dear Evernote Community,
I'm writing this post to share my recent disappointment with Evernote. 
Following the 10.58.8 update on my MAC OS X, Evernote has become noticeably unstable. My tasks are not saving correctly, and worst of all, they are no longer accessible. There is an endless loading cycle when trying to open the task list. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the application several times on MAC OS X v12.0.1, but to no avail.
This instability has significantly disrupted my workflow and decreased my trust in Evernote's ability to securely save and sync my notes and tasks.
Now, The Evernote application is updated automatically, i cannot find a way to stop "auto-updating" my Evernote app.
Evernote used to be my favourite application, my 'second brain' that allowed me to offload all my ideas and tasks. However, with the recent changes, I have been experiencing issues. The tasks no longer save correctly and aren't accessible, which is a significant problem for me.
Moreover, it seems that the Evernote team has changed the way notes are synchronised. The synchronise button is no longer available, and there is no clear indication of when the last sync was performed or whether it completed successfully. This lack of transparency has made me wary of using Evernote for my day-to-day needs.
As a result of these issues, I find myself regularly exporting notes as a precautionary measure and actively looking for a similar application to replace Evernote. I'm disheartened to find myself in this position as a long-time user and fan of Evernote.
Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Has anyone found a solution, or can the Evernote team shed some light on these concerns?
Thank you for your time and understanding. I hope we can find a resolution soon.
Best Regards,
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And please feedback to Evernote / contact Support (who are not us) with details of your issues.  If they don't know about them,  they can't fix them... (and you'll be talking to Evernote direct,  instead of other users like us...)

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Hey - as @gazumped has noted, feedback is vital. I genuinely think when things are straightened out we'll have an astonishing productivity support product on our hands across all platforms (Web, for me, is already where I want it)

Please follow this link to report/vote on your issue. Password is Evernote


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Thank you for your comment RedaBenh!  I just attended a 3 day conference and took critical notes in Evernote. Now the notes won’t open! Just endless circling and no loading =( Now I have nothing with which to provide a debrief of key information that was shared and thus far I’ve not easily found information about how to rectify the situation; in fact, a key word search resulted in only your post!  So, my search continues for how to resolve this issue, but I too am hesitant to rely on this for future note taking. Just wanted to commiserate and thank you for your candor……now let me figure out what to do next……sigh~!

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