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Running out of space

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I keep getting a message on my desktop app that says, you are running out of space. . . but when you click to check it out there is nothing about space. 

Where do I change/upgrade the space I am using?

Please help. Evernote support is frustrating because there seems to be no ticketing system, and no chat.

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Hi.  It's always good to tell us what device / OS / Evernote version you're using so we can make more intelligent suggestions.

The 'space' warning is about free space on your local storage,  which -if the warning is correct - is about to become a problem for all your installed software.  Systems need a minimum free area for temporary storage,  downloads,  web pages and the like;  and too little starts to slow your system down.  If you do a web search for your device and "how much free storage space do I need" you may be able to find some help.

For support Contact https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - if you have problems with that, use 'account' from the drop-down options as an issue type, sign in as 'guest' or use the help/ feedback link from any app. See also  https://twitter.com/evernotehelps


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I"m not the OP but I have a similar question. I am using Windows 10 and EN 10.58.8. I checked the EN folder under Windows and it has over 7 GB. What is being saved locally? I thought everything was saved to the cloud unless you specified local notebooks?

Within the EN folder both Temp Files and Local Storage list the same 7.11 GB

I only recently upgraded to EN10, was using the legacy version until a month or so ago. Is this leftover from then and can I safely delete and/or do I need to something else?

I am limited on SSD space, am down to 12 GB free of a 250 GB drive (older laptop) so will be moving more of my music and photos off once I can get my external SSD to upgrade its software and start working again. But I'd still like to not be using so much for EN if possible.

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Both desktop versions download the full database to the local drive. With v10 you can stop the downloading through settings, but it downgrades performance as well.

You can move the database to another drive by using a symlink. To learn how in detail google for it.

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4 hours ago, catsknit said:

OK, thanks. I never realized it was all storing locally!

Its stores locally in case you lose internet connection and you'll still have access to notes and be able to edit/create. It also stores everything in the cloud as well so multiple devices have the same data.

If you hang on a little the next version of Evernote comes with a feature to move the location of the locally stored data. Much easier to move things to a separate drive.

Should be coming out within the next week or so. 

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Hint: On installs made through a Store, this option may not show. Store software is restricted in handling file access.

If you have the client installed from a store, uninstall, restart the computer and make a fresh install from the EN website. On the direct install, the option is available.

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