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(Restore Legacy Options) Sort note list by Tags



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I've just posted in another thread, but wanted to contribute here as well.

Here are some screenshots of Evernote with highlights in red of how Evernote Legacy worked (I don't have an Evernote Legacy screenshot because I wasn't expecting the latest app update to change it to Evernote).

This feature is really important to me - I hope Evernote will bring it back.

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 9.11.18 pm.png

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 9.12.10 pm.png

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1 hour ago, spacorn said:

Being able to sort note lists by Tags worked just fine in previous Evernote versions

Please explain how this "worked just fine"   
As I recall, this was a hack and would only sort the lowest sequence tags   
My sort by tags solution is an Applescript; which worked just fine with Evernote Legacy on my Mac

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This is why I am going to stop paying for Evernote. This is the biggest feature I need for me to continue using Evernote. Tags are excellent ways to convey status and where things are in a workflow. The v10 and greater clients have still not included this very important functionality.

If this feature is unavailable on March 23, 2024, I will cancel my Evernote subscription.

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