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  1. That doesn't help me. Using Android, if I create a picture in Evernote and edit it skitch launches. This is how it has always been on my phones through all previous versions of Evernote. I can annotate the image in skitch. When I hit save, it asks me where I want to save it. I choose Evernote. In the past, the image would save as normal to Evernote. Now, however, this action creates a new uneditable note. This is really frustrating, because in the past, the notes could be edited with accompanying text. For example, I do home improvement work and Evernote is critical for that. I used to be able to take a picture with Evernote. I'd tap to edit it in Skitch and mark up my pictures. A great example is my son's closet where I installed built-in shelves. I used skitch to record the dimensions of the closet. That image would save back to that note where I had a checklist of all the pieces that needed to be purchased at Home Depot. This is no longer possible. Most recently I had to repair gables in my home. I used the app to mark the measurements of the gable vents. When I saved the picture back to Evernote it created an entirely new note and there is no way for me to embed the annotated image with my shopping list or other notes related to the repair. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be saving skitched notes back differently to Evernote? I understand that skitch is a discontinued app. Has its functionality been placed into Evernote proper?
  2. This would be a great feature to have for post-it notes.
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