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Web Client Keeps Asking Me to Choose Subscription

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I have only ever used the free version of Evernote and today, shortly after signing in, it asked me to choose a subscription plan in an inescapable pop-up window. It comes back every time I refresh the page too. I looked to see if the free version was still a thing and as far as I can tell, it is. I also know for a fact that I don't have more than one device registered with Evernote so that can't be the problem. Does anybody know what the heck is going on with my account?

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Hi.  It would help us to have details of your device / OS / Evernote version,  and if you have any urgent need to use the app,  you might consider subscribing - if only for a month - to get immediate access to your account,  and to Evernote support.  The forums are mainly supported by other users,  and we don't have any access to look at the server-side details of your account to see what might be wrong.  Chances are that although you know you're only using one device,  Evernote has different information:  if you can get access to the account you could check online to see if that is the case...

Understanding the device limit

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13 hours ago, CyborgManatee said:

I also know for a fact that I don't have more than one device registered with Evernote

You may know this but Evernote had an exceedingly elephantine memory. Check your account settings to see what you actually have.. 


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I said I knew for a fact because I had already checked those settings. There were two devices registered (an older PC and my current one) and I removed both before signing in again. But it turns out what I was seeing was just an ad for a lower price with a hard to notice way to cancel out of it. Kind of annoying that it's designed that way, but at least I figured it out.

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