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Images not coming through in v10 for ios

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Somebody sent me a page which contains some text and images from Notion. The text is an itinerary and the images are those of a map with his driving routes. When I share this to EN v10 ios (ipad) I get the itinerary but not the maps (ie: the images are not exported). Is there a work around?

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I think it’s not just notion. I also notice that when I try to move gmails to EN the images don’t always come through. In most cases I haven’t cared enough about it but it’s definitely happening.  What I see is what looks to be a placeholder for the image. 

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It might be the images were never in the email in first place. Modern emails, especially those from newsletter or mailing services are in fact small websites, interpreted by the mail client.

Pictures (and other elements) are linked into these sites, and drawn from a server through an URL. It may be for efficiency the picture is only shown, but never really copied over from the server, and embedded into the mail.

If you then forward it to EN, there is no content transferred, and the link shows as placeholder.

It sometimes works if your mail client deliberately allows to download the content. My Apple Mail client does ask if oceans to allow the download, as part of the privacy settings.

Privacy because downloading the pictures indicates the sender of the newsletter that the recipient has opened the email. So in fact these embedded pictures are tracking tools. The URLs contain a unique part that identifies the individual recipient while the picture is loaded from the server.

The most extreme perversion of this is a tracking pixel: An image the size 1x1, color white that is only transmitted and used to track if the user has opened the email. It serves no other purpose and is practically invisible.

This are my 5ct why sometimes pictures won’t make it when you forward emails.

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