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Copy Paste Images between Notes? Can i?

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Hi.  If you're talking about the pasted file shown as 'unknown' or a spinning arrow,  that's already been reported and tickets raised with Support.  If not,  please tell us more - what's your device / OS / Evernote version and exactly what happens when you copy/ paste.  There's no particular fix yet,  though if you're on a desktop,  pasting to the desktop,  then copy/ pasting from there may help - plus you can try merging notes together and then moving content around within the merged note.

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hi there.

i am on windows 11.

i used to make notes with either png or jpegs of screenshots.

one day, the note has become large, so i want to separate some "chapters" into another notes.

control c and control v the images from the old note to the new one.

at first it looked fine, but later the images dont appear and there are rotating icon ( it looks like loading icons ) that keep on spinning forever.


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there are too many. saving attachments one by one to desktop and then do it one by one to a new note, does not make any sense. why should i pay evernote annually if i still have to do all those ?

copy pasting between notes should be easy and straight forward, this is 2023, not 1970.

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thank you.


but since then my problem has become more complex and that wont help me tidy things up.

now i have two separate notes, what if i need to take a few part from the first note, a few more part from the second note, and move both to a third note?

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It still easier to work on a note level.

Duplicate the two initial notes, merge them and erase what’s not needed.

 I am not telling it wouldn’t be nice if copying/moving content would be easier. I just tell you the IMHO best way to do it NOW.

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17 hours ago, felixxia said:

i appreciate your idea, mr PinkElephant. why didnt i think of that in the first place??? i could have avoided my current situation.


btw how do i merge two notes?

Be aware that merging notes, specifically notes with images, do not work correctly currently...at least for me:


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