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Free Evernote plan disappeared? New pricing requires a downgrade

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Does anyone know how to downgrade my Evernote plan to the free one? It doesn't seem to be an option anymore from the subscription options in my account settings.

I can't justify my current Personal plan doubling in price with the new price changes. I was already just on the edge of needing the level just above the free level, but I wanted to support the service, and the price was just about OK. But now doubling? I can't do it!

I don't want to leave Evernote, so I thought I'd drop down to the free version I could just about get along with, but it seems to have...disappeared?

Thanks for any help,


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Right at the bottom of the account billing page where it lists your bills there's a cancel subscription.

To be honest it should be a bit easier to find.

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I'm exactly in the same situation than Stu. 

Also, I coud'nt find any comparison list including the free version, only personal and pro. 

Where can I find it to know what functionalities I will loose downgrading to free version, and if any data/notes will be lost? 

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There is no loss of existing data - however notes larger than the Free limit of 25MB can’t be edited any more. And you will easily reach the upload limit of 60MB per month given the probably larger size of notes in a subscribers account.

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10 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157. In general, Evernote Help & Learning (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/) is very easy to search.

But it is "hidden" in the help pages. To be honest this free offer should appear like the others in the subscription pages. Anyone should not have to search in help pages to discover that a free offer exists. 


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„But it is hidden“ …. What a nonsense, it is in your face ! Just enter „Evernote.com“, and what do you get, without any scrolling ? This lovely green button, telling „Sign up for free“.

Tap it, and right on the next page you get all the details of the free plan, plus those of the subscriptions.

How difficult is this ?





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For new users, yes, but not for already registered ones. 

I do say that in the personal infos page, people that are already members can only see a comparison between "personal" and "pro". There is no button to downgrade to free version. 

The "unsubscribe" link is tricky, I thought this would completely delete my account. 

And even though, you have to go trough 5 pages and to close a popup before you finally get back to free version... 

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You think I'm a new user ? Took me nothing to find the posted screenshots, just opened the page.

You just don't see the landing page when you are logged into the page - it is logical that it changes then, because it is providing you services not available when logged out.

How to unsubscribe depends on how your subscribed in the first place. Direct, AppStore, PlayStore - you name it. To avoid errors you need to confirm the cancellation - where is your problem with a serious process, leading you through ?

If you feel insecure about what is what, there is a ton of help articles in the help database. If you had looked it up instead of hovering over the unsubscribe link, you would know that even a full delete of an account can be reversed within 30 days. Belt and suspenders, quite professional.

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It is not just a matter of confirming the cancelation, no need of 5 pages for this, you have to confirm several time, to refuse an offer etc.. Well they do all they can to avoid you to go back to free version instead of simply letting us do that, and it is a bit unpleasant. 

Also, do you allow me to give my personal opinion and my feeling, or only people who agree with you and see things the same way are allowed to write here? 

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