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Evernote screen capture shortcut brings up windows snipping tool instead of Evernote's screen capture

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The title says it all.  I customized different keyboard shortcuts.  But every single shortcut config still keeps bringing up windows snipping tool.  This is Windows 11.  Is this a known bug?  Are there any workarounds?

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This is true.  It arose because Microsoft changed things when it released Windows 11.  So the problem is with Microsoft rather than Evernote.  I'm sure that there could be some work done by Evernote to resolve the issue but since the workaround is trivial I anticipate that it will be sometime in arriving.

Meanwhile, I recommend Win+Shift+S which will open the Windows snipping tool with the cross hairs (just like the Evernote process used to have).  Highlight the screen area you wish to snip.  Then open the note where you want this to be captured (if it is a new note tap Ctrl+N) and tap Ctrl+V to paste the clip into the note.

To make things a bit less hassle I reset the New Note shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+N.  Ctrl+N often launches a new window for whichever application has focus so doesn't always open a new note in Evernote unless Evernote has focus. Ctrl+Alt+N usually work regardless...

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Ive withheld upgrading to the latest Evernote for years because of how I used evernote in my workflow, I upgraded earlier today and now my Evernote screenshots wont work on Win11 and it has becomes a sort of muscle memory for me to take screenshots using Evernote for around decade. Now it doesn't work =/


Same with the original poster, regardless of what shortcut key I register, windows Snipping tool fires up and it doesn't save it into Evernote screenshots.


It's... heartbreaking...

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If you searched the forum before posting, you would know:

a) it’s a know issue

b) there is nothing EN can do about it, because

c) Windows 11 captured this tool, and won‘t release it to other apps.

Heartbreaking ? Hardly. Want advise: Switch to a Mac - Windows 11 is nothing more than a public beta, and this bug is only one of many.

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@bwandowando You'll find threads where this is discussed.

Use the Windows snipper (Win+Shift+S), capture the screen area and paste into a new note.  If you wish, make the Windows screen capture directory an Evernpte Import Folder and then Win+Shift+S will work exactly as the Evernote screen capture previously did.

As noted, the problem was caused by a change in Windows 11 along the way.

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I would hardly call the original workaround "trivial." It is three keystrokes instead of one. But this last tip is brilliant and works well enough: add the Windows screen capture directory (C:\Users[User Name]\Pictures\Screenshots) as an Evernote Import Folder. Thank you agsteele!

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