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  1. 6.17 fixed the problem for me. (Win 10)
  2. I get that for some notes in list view (i.e. not a search results view).
  3. I hope they are also looking at the problem (related?) where the content of some notes does not render at all. Thanks!
  4. Had the same problem, but under Win10. Logging out and logging back in was enough to solve it. Thanks, gazumped!
  5. Do you have DIIGO toolbar running? If so, try disabling it. Worked for me, and for several others.
  6. Can't get any version of clipper (up to beta to work on FF8--button does nothing, same with all context menu options. UPDATE: can confirm that disabling the DIIGO toolbar restores clipper function. Bummed about: 1) conflict with DIIGO, which I depend on; 2) inability to tag and choose notebook immediately on clipping (*without* the entire note being opened in a window); 3) there is no clip selection option in the menu that appears when you hit the EN icon: and 4) on some pages (like this one!) context menu option Add to Evernote | Clip selection does *not* clip the selection; it clips the entire page.
  7. I, too, vote for tag inheritance. In the meantime, here's a trick I've come up with for tagging multiple items with multiple tags. Say you have tag="Red Sox" and subtags "Ortiz" and "Varitek." Now, if you have created a bunch of notes tagged with Ortiz and/or Varitek, they will not have inherited the parent tag "Red Sox." Here's how you can quickly tag them all Red Sox. First, select any one of the notes tagged with Ortiz and/or Varitek and tag it with "Red Sox." Then select all the Ortiz and/or Varitek notes with the select all (using Ctrl+click, search + select all, or whatever method). Now click on "Tags" (or use kbd shortcut). When the tags box pops up, you will see that any tag that applies to *all* the selected notes will have a check mark. But any tag that applies to only *some* of the notes--such as "Red Sox" in this case--will instead have a box filled in with green shading. Now, if you click the box next to "Red Sox," the shading will turn to a checkmark, and "Red Sox" will be applied to all the selected notes. This is a helpful trick in some other instances, such as when I'm working on a certain topic and quickly clip a whole bunch of notes. I tag the first note right when I clip it, then, when I'm done with the topic, I go in and use this trick to extend the original tag(s) to all the relevant new notes. It's just a workaround, but I find it useful on many occasions. Also, my description is based on the Windows application. Not sure if/how it can be used on other platforms. Happy New Year.
  8. It wasn't clear to me that there was an existing thread to which to add this comment/question, so I started a new one. I am in essence requesting that integration with Google Desktop Search be prioritized as one of the 2.2 features to be added to EN 3 as soon as possible. Given the many data types one has to contend with these days, searching them all from one interface is more important than ever. Thanks for considering my plea. Cheers, David Powelstock
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