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All notes missing after forced log out

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Sorry if this isn’t the right location but I can’t find a way to contact anyone for support without having a paid account it seems. 
Last night I went to make a note and I was logged out. I relogged in and literally every note I’ve had for years is gone. I checked sync, trash, nothing. All gone. I saw Evernote was listed as “down” last night so I assumed it was related. Got up today, says service is on and still all my info is gone. Any help or pointing to someone who can help would be appreciated 

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The most common cause of this issue is that it is VERY easy to accidentally create a new account which is inevitably empty. Log out and be careful to log back in with the correct credentials.

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On 12/10/2022 at 6:56 PM, Lee Levison said:

This just happened to me.  Need my notes to know my original info. How do I retrieve all of my notes? 

Hi. As suggested above - try signing out of the account you are in - which might be a new 'empty' account - and sign in again carefully to try to reach your correct data.  If you sign on through the website,  there's a forgotten password link which may help.

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This happened to me as well. All but one note were deleted. The note was the first one I created in the account and confirmed, I've logged in correctly to the account with my credentials. Where could I find any/all deleted notes? 

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